New HCV220 Heavy-Duty Cable Cutter Announced by Webtool

A new heavy-duty cutter has been launched by Webtool; expanding the range of high-performance hydraulic cutters and systems designed and manufactured by Allspeeds.

The Webtool HCV220 has been designed to cut cable, risers and umbilical in challenging working conditions, deployed by ROV for subsea use or deck-mounted for cutting in planned production environments.

Comprising a blade powered by a built-in pressure intensifier and a mouth with hydraulic anvil, the Webtool ROV cutter HCV220 has the power to cut through even the toughest armoured cables with ease. The guillotine blade is activated after the cable/umbilical is placed in the mouth and the anvil is closed.

The closure of the guillotine’s anvil ensures that the cable is locked firmly in position while the cut is performed, eliminating the risk of the item flexing during cutting and perhaps trapping or snapping the blade.

From start to finish, the entire process is complete within a couple of minutes.

Designed with robust durability in mind, the Webtool HCV220 is suitable for use at all water depths and features corrosion-resistant nickel plating. Ideal for use in low visibility environments, the integrated interlock prevents the blade from being activated until the anvil is deployed, an important safety feature.

The integrated minibooster™ intensifier means that the cutter only requires 210 bar maximum input pressure, removing the need for a high pressure HPU.

“We now offer a range of heavy-duty cable and umbilical cutters that provide a safe and reliable method of cutting cables from 100mm up to 330mm diameter,” said Allspeeds Ltd managing director, Keith Elliot.

“The ease of deployment of the HCV220 makes is suitable for both topside and subsea deployment as part of cable lay operations.”

For more information on Allspeeds and the brand’s full range of hydraulic tools, visit the products page.

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