Need to Hire Remote Kotlin Developers? Here’s a How-to Guide

App development is booming today, and every new business planning an app for their operations faces a tough choice. Which programming language to select to power that app? Which option will suit the variety of intended functions and features without safety and robustness sacrifices? 

If you’re after Android, your choice should probably be with Kotlin. JetBrains launched this open-source coding language in 2010; it’s a totally free programming option available on GitHub, which makes it pretty easy to use and master. So, now that you’re ready to power your new project with Kotlin, it’s time to hire Kotlin app developers with a high level of expertise and programming knowledge. Here we’ll guide you through the selection process by covering the essentials of Kotlin, the typical responsibilities of Kotlin experts, and the benefits you might expect from this decision. 

Kotlin as a Programming Language 

As we’ve mentioned above, Kotlin has been on the app development scene since 2010. Since that time, it has been used to create many world-known apps, such as Pinterest and Trello. Tinder is also known for benefitting from Kotlin’s clear, concise coding logic, which contributes to apps’ outstanding performance and clear design. 

Notably, Kotlin is the third official programming language for Android apps, with the first two being Java and C++. The most exciting feature of Kotlin is the combination of object-oriented and functional programming under one roof. No other programming language can boast of such universality in applications. 

Kotlin shares many features with Java and borrows much from it on the object-oriented side. The initial step of Kotlin coding involves source code writing, its subsequent conversion into bytecode, and its further execution on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The JVM does not depend on the external environment and serves to enact the programs written on Java or any other compatible language in the operating system. 

As for the functional programming part, Kotlin can be used to enact lambda expressions, assign higher-order functions, anonymous functions, generics, and recursion. The functional aspects of Kotlin allow data class creation and type aliases.  

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Kotlin Developer’s Duties and Responsibilities 

So, if you’re determined to find a capable Kotlin developer for your project, you need to look for a specialist with relevant education (e.g., a degree in Computer Science or Engineering) and an in-depth understanding of Kotlin and Java fundamentals. The tasks such a specialist is expected to handle are: 

  • Kotlin-based app planning and design
  • software development using the variety of Kotlin tools 
  • control of app design’s compliance with your initial specifications
  • participation in all stages of the development cycle 
  • testing of the created app against all security and functionality metrics 
  • amendments and revisions of flawed features 

You can see that the Kotlin app developer is a seasoned, experienced profession if they can: 

  • create concise and efficient code based on the identified purposes and parameters
  • analyze the code and troubleshoot the bugs 
  • test the Kotlin code at any stage of development
  • optimize the code for better app performance 
  • add new features with no disruption of the already functioning app
  • provide regular and timely updates for the Kotlin-based software 

Additional skills that you might find beneficial in your job candidate are a strong knowledge of databases and web frameworks. The bare minimum that will allow your developer to perform their functions well is the mastery of GWT and SQL. Back-end programming skills are also desirable, as they will make your Kotlin developer a universal, multi-skilled asset in your team. XML knowledge will be a huge plus. 

Besides the tech stack of your future Kotlin coder, you need to pay attention to their soft skills and business acumen. Your coder will need to work in a team, communicating with the operations department, clients, and other programmers. Thus, decent communication skills and teamwork aptitude will benefit your company. The business knowledge in your industry is also highly appreciated as it will give the developer an understanding of the current market dynamics, target user needs, and app design specifics. 

Why Kotlin? 

Now that you know how to pick the best Kotlin developers in the job market, let’s recap why you should do that. Here are some major benefits of Kotlin, distinguishing it from other programming languages and making it the next big thing in the world of app development. 

  • Integrated nature – Kotlin builds on many older programming languages by closing their gaps and addressing their inefficiencies. Thus, by using Kotlin, you’re getting a better variant of any other coding option you could have selected. 
  • Easy mastery – Kotlin is developer-friendly, which means that new experts can quickly emerge in the labor market, addressing the growing demand for app development. 
  • Universality – though Kotlin is developer-friendly, it still offers many features and advanced functions. Therefore, you can build versatile and sophisticated apps with its help. 
  • Great community – Kotlin has already collected a broad and helpful community around it, with numerous educational resources, peer support, and 24/7 availability of advice and troubleshooting for fellow coders. 

As big brands are increasingly adopting Kotlin in their projects, the demand for this programming option is expected to grow further. Use the time of Kotlin’s rise in popularity to build your next project and succeed in the digital app market. 

David Balaban