Magento agencies: a complete guide

Whether you are just at the beginning of your e-commerce startup, or you are already an established small business, there is no more important factor in your success than having a good magento agency at your side. Speaking from experience, I can honestly tell you that partnering with the right magento agency has saved my small ecommerce companies countless times. You just can’t predict what problems will arise on your website, but one thing is certain, you can’t solve these problems without a hard-working, dedicated team that is willing to immediately put out whatever fire is causing a disruption in your business. I’ve put together a good compilation of reasons why in the following article titled magento agencies: a complete guide.


Magento as a platform is incredibly flexible and diverse, and when harnessed correctly can yield remarkable results; increasing your sales, online visibility, and in addition it one of the most Google-friendly platforms out there. Getting the most out of your magento power ecommerce startup is a snap, if you are partnered with the right magento agency to see you through the tough times when you desperately need a liferaft. Imagine the day before a major holiday and you ecommerce site suddenly, inexplicably, and completely shuts down. What do you do? A good magento agency can step right in and get you back up and running in time to take advantage of the holiday traffic that will be flooding your website in a matter of hours. Needless to say, if the holiday morning arrives and your website is still down, your company will suffer an insurmountable setback.


But how do you choose between the inordinate amount of agencies that exist today? Are they qualified? Should we hire overseas developers? Does the team meet project deadlines? Is their pricing reasonable? Where do we get the most value? Are they actually experts? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself and the agency you may be working with prior to signing the dotted line. For me, the biggest question is how will I be billed? Some companies you can hire as you need them, so when you don’t need them, you’re not paying them. A really good company will even have a no-retainer policy, no long-term contracts, and even no up-front fees. Getting the magento agency that will be there to put out the fire, and not stick you with a bill that devastates your startup is the ultimate goal.


Maybe you’re in an early stage of your startup and wondering if you really need a magento agency in the first place. Having this resource there from the beginning will create the flexibility and seamless backend your business needs from the start. Give your customers the unlimited searchability they want to explore your vast catalog. Allow for options such as bundling and multiple warehouse fulfillment. Keep your systems streamlined from the start, so growing and scaling in the future is smooth without common setbacks. In fact, there is no more crucial stage of your businesses development that needs a magento agency than right off the bat. That is when you will face problems that are insurmountable without a good magento agency team right there with you to get you through a rocky patch.


But whatever stage your business is at, you can be sure that you will run into tech problems that you simply can’t solve on your own. You can’t just google your solution and write a new code to solve your current problem yourself. You need a team that will have your back when the odds are long and time is short. Having a magento agency that can step in and help out on a weekend or holiday will make the difference between a short lived startup going under, and an established business that’s in it for the long haul. There really is no more crucial factor in a business long term success than a good magento agency.

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