Looking To Add An Online Ordering App For Your Restaurant?

Ordering online has been a craze for many years. Now, online app ordering is taking over due to the seamless features and experience that users can have. You can now order food from a restaurant through a mobile app, which is benefiting brands financially and building a larger customer base. 

Customers love a quick and easy food experience when it comes to ordering. Quality service and seamless payment can be easily achieved with a mobile ordering app for your restaurant. Instead of calling or ordering in the restaurant, customers can order through their phones within a few clicks. 

If you are looking to add an online ordering app to your restaurant, here is what you need to know. 

You Can Use Your Own Website

If you already have a website, you can use it for online food orders. Customers will likely know where to go and you can install a page for online orders only. 

For those who do not already have a website but wish to use this method, all you need is an internet connection, a website builder, and a team to deal with the orders. You must stay on top of your online food orders to keep customers happy. 

Whether you need to hire another member of staff to deal with the website and orders or set a time that customers can order, it will make the process more seamless and the online ordering app process will benefit your restaurant. 

You can set up your own website through sites like WordPress or Wix. There, you can build multiple pages for various other customer-based content, such as news releases, a menu, or the history of your restaurant. 

Using a website will allow you to connect to existing customers and when they next use your site, they will be aware that the online food ordering service is available. This might encourage them to order more, which will enhance your sales. 

Use an Online Ordering Mobile App

For those who want to keep the ordering separate from their website, you can use apps. 

These can be difficult to design and develop yourself, so you might want to consider hiring someone for this process. They will design and create a seamless app with menus, customer service, easy payment, and navigation so that customers can get the most out of their online food ordering experience. 

You can either create your own app and/or use third-party food ordering apps. For instance, using Uber Eats will promote your brand and make your restaurant accessible to more customers. 

You might find it better value for money using third-party apps. Similarly, you might find it less work as Uber Eats will manage orders and pick up and deliver the food on your behalf. 

Preparation Tips

You will most likely be running an in-restaurant system if you are new to takeaway orders. Thus, you will need a separate team or time slot for online app orders. 

You will need to make sure not to neglect one or the other. Thus, here are some tips to get ensure your online app orders are seamless:

  • Think local – stick to local deliveries to optimize time
  • Prepare your staff – you might need a separate team for online orders to separate them from in-restaurant orders
  • Optimize the menu – you might want to shorten the menu and sell favorites so that your restaurant isn’t overwhelmed

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