Locating Legal Representation: Advice for Finding an Attorney from Alex Petraglia

Locating the best attorney for your case is simple if you take the proper steps. In the following post, we will discuss the best practices for finding the right lawyer

Find a Specialist to Fit Your Case

One of the most important elements of finding appropriate legal representation is understanding the nature of your case. Attorneys have specialized legal knowledge. Different lawyers focus on specific types of cases, so it’s important to work with a lawyer who understands the relevant aspects of the law.

If you plan to file a personal injury claim, avoid hiring a lawyer who doesn’t have the proper experience. Be sure to find an attorney with a track record of securing positive outcomes in cases like yours.

Research Local Attorneys

You should look for an attorney with a trustworthy reputation. In most cases, finding a local lawyer will be the best option. This way, your legal representative will be familiar with local statutes. They may also have professional connections with the experts in your community.

Look for online reviews of attorneys in your area. Before hiring a lawyer, make sure that their previous clients have offered positive reviews about their experience with that lawyer.

Ask for References

When you are considering an attorney, ask for references. This will help you to ensure that you will be provided with the best legal services possible. Lawyers should be able to provide you with a shortlist of previous clients if you request it.

Contacting previous clients will help you to understand what it is like to work with that particular lawyer. These references should only be one element of the research that you conduct. Client opinions can be biased, so be sure to cross-reference these referrals against online reviews.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Once you find a specialist with a good reputation, schedule a legal consultation. Most attorneys provide potential clients with a free initial meeting. The purpose of this consultation is to discuss the parameters of your case without any commitment to secure legal services.

Use your consultation as an opportunity to ask questions like the following:

  • How long have you been practicing law?
  • What experience do you have in cases like mine?
  • How will my legal fees be paid?
  • How heavy is your current caseload?
  • What are the possible outcomes in my case?
  • Have you ever been subject to disciplinary action?
  • Do you think that my case will require a trial?

A legal consultation is an opportunity for you to ask questions. However, the lawyer will also ask questions to understand your case and decide if they will represent you. You should bring any relevant documentation or evidence regarding your case to this meeting. 

Alexander Petraglia Provides Expert Legal Representation

When you are in need of expert legal representation, contact Alex Petraglia. Mr. Petraglia is an effective attorney who fights hard to secure the best outcomes for his clients.

Mr. Petraglia got his B.A and J.D. from Case Western Reserve University Law School in Cleveland, Ohio. He was a law clerk at Legal Aid Society in 2013 and spent two years at Cuyahoga County Public Defender’s Office. He also worked at Kurt Law Office as a trial attorney and as a Hamilton County Public Defender.

Mr. Petraglia currently works at Deters Law Office, where he has participated in medical malpractice trials, class action suits, and successful wrongful injury settlements. He is devoted to zealously protecting his clients’ health, wealth, and liberty.


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