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If You’re Hurt in a Car Accident, Call Kisling, Nestico & Redick, Ohio’s Best Car Accident Lawyers

Each year, there are thousands of crashes on Ohio’s roadways, resulting in injuries and in some more serious cases, fatalities. Whether a car accident is major or minor, it can have devastating consequences, not only for your immediate health but also for your future. Serious accidents often leave victims with severe injuries, chronic pain, extensive medical bills, and an inability to earn a living. This can be stressful to say the least, but having an experienced car accident lawyer on your team can make the experience much easier. 

As one of Ohio’s premiere personal injury law firms, Kisling, Nestico & Redick has extensive knowledge and experience in helping victims navigate the legal system and get the compensation they deserve after an accident. On February 15, the firm celebrated 15 years of serving the Ohio communities that it is a part of. Read on to learn more about what makes this firm different from other firms and how the team there may be able to help your case.

Knowing What to Do After an Ohio Car Accident 

If you have been injured in a car accident in Ohio, you are likely feeling frightened, overwhelmed, and confused about what to do next. If you are in pain or in the hospital, it can be even more difficult to take action. You may be worried about how you will pay your medical bills, get your car repaired, how you will afford to take time off from work to recover, or afford your regular daily expenses. One of the best things that you can do to gain peace of mind during this difficult time is talk to a personal injury lawyer

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is known for its commitment to providing personalized attention to Ohioans in need of legal guidance after an accident. During an in-depth consultation with a personal injury attorney, a lawyer can address many of your most overwhelming questions, including the factors that will go into the amount of compensation that you may be entitled to, whether filing a lawsuit is in your best interest, and how much you may be able to recover in damages. They can also help you with difficulties involving insurers who are refusing to fairly compensate you for your injuries. As one of Ohio’s best law firms, the team has extensive experience, resources, and support staff that it can leverage to ensure that your case is as strong as possible.

Although many people wait until after they receive a low settlement offer or are denied some or all of their accident claim by an insurance company to seek legal help, it is better to meet with a lawyer as soon as possible. 

Ensuring That Insurers Treat You Fairly

Many of the attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick have unique backgrounds in helping victims receive fair compensation from insurers. The firm originated with the goal of making sure that Ohio accident victims were treated fairly by insurance companies. Many of the personal injury lawyers at Kisling, Nestico & Redick have previously worked in the insurance industry and know from experience that insurance companies will often do everything they can to avoid fairly compensating victims after an accident. Because profit is the top priority of these companies, they have many tactics for getting out of paying you what you deserve for medical bills, ongoing health care, and pain and suffering that continues long after your accident. KNR’s personal injury lawyers can offer clients significant benefits over other firms because they have an insider perspective on the claims process.

For example, sometimes an injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident can seem minor or even nonexistent at first, only to develop over hours or days into a serious condition that will be more costly than expected. Broken bones, whiplash, and even concussions often go unnoticed, but if you fail to seek medical help right away, it can cause problems when you ask your insurer to pay for your injuries. In cases where you wait to get medical help, it can be harder for you to prove to your insurance company that the injuries were caused in your accident. By touching base with a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident, you can improve your chances of being fairly compensated. This is especially important if your injuries are serious and will require ongoing care.

Working with a law firm with specific insurance experience like Kisling, Nestico & Redick can put you ahead of the game when it comes to dealing with these companies. KNR attorneys are well versed in the tactics that insurers use to get out of paying victims what they are owed. They are also skilled at negotiating with aggressive insurance companies, so your focus can be on your recovery.

Help for a Wide Range of Accidents

Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s Ohio personal injury lawyers have over six centuries of combined experience helping Ohio clients receive fair compensation after a variety of types of accidents. This means that they have a wealth of knowledge about nearly every type of car accident case, including complex cases like serious crashes caused by impaired drivers, fatal accidents, and wrongful death cases. 

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may be eligible for compensation for a number of expenses, but it can be difficult to recover full compensation on your own. The attorneys at KNR have the knowledge of Ohio laws and experience with how these cases work in court. Medical expenses, disfigurement, lost income, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and even how your injury has affected your relationship with your spouse or family are all potential types of compensation for which you may be eligible. 

Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s legal team has extensive experience fighting for motor vehicle accident victims and helping them receive the full range of compensation to which they are entitled.

Get in Touch With KNR

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a motor vehicle accident, you likely have many questions and concerns about how to ensure that you get the compensation that you need to fully recover. Whether you are unsure if you have a case, are being treated unfairly by your insurance company, or believe that you are entitled to recover damages from the person who caused your accident, Kisling, Nestico & Redick is here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

To discuss your case with an Ohio car accident lawyer during a free consultation, contact the firm at 1-800-HURT-NOW with questions about your specific accident and injuries. KNR’s Ohio car accident lawyers will discuss your situation and explain your legal options.


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