Kid-Friendly Garage Organization Hacks

Let’s be honest; kids come with a lot of stuff! Over the years, this stuff can seemingly multiply, and before you know it, you are drowning in toys, sports equipment, bikes, accessories, and so on. Add to this that children are seldom tidy all the time, and you have a recipe for drowning in ‘stuff’ your child has accumulated.

The one area that can bear the brunt of the ‘overwhelming’ is the garage. Not everyone is lucky to have a custom garage that is automatically ready to take on everything parenting has to throw at it. Instead, you need to check out your options when it comes to custom garage modifications to allow you to customize kid-friendly garage organization hacks fully!

Use All of your Garage for Storage

Many homeowners do not use all of their garage’s usable storage space. The garage walls and overhead space are what we’re talking about.

A popular option to keep a garage floor clean and tidy is to use Slatwall storage. Toys, sports equipment, tools, and various other objects can be hung on your garage walls rather than stacked on the floor.

You can find even more extra storage space in your garage by looking up. Using overhead storage racks to use your garage’s vertical space will alleviate some of the storage pressure on areas closer to your floor. The best part is, you can create a custom garage storage system that works perfectly for your family. Plus, it is easier to keep clean if everything has a home and a designated space.

Clear Out and Donate

There are bound to be items that kids and even parents have discarded over the years and are now related to living outliving their life in a garage. This, however, isn’t a Toy Story movie, and unwanted toys will sit gathering dust. So take the time to have that clear out, hold a garage sale, donate to goodwill or family and friends and claim back some storage space in your garage before you invest in custom garage options to accommodate stuff you don’t actually need.

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Storage Zones

Bundle like-minded items together. Keep items you regularly use, such as outdoor equipment, balls, bikes, etc., close to hand and within easy access while sorting seasonal items and boxes further out of reach.

Organizing your belongings like this allows for easier access rather than having to pull everything to get to what you need. Choosing to invest in custom garage options that allow you to section everything in storage and organize sones can help you maintain a more organized and tidy space.

Cleaning Kit

If your children regularly play in the garage, having a cleaning kit handy in the garage will allow for cleaner, tidier space. Avoid the extra hassle of locating what they need inside the house by creating a cleaning kit for the garage. Think wet wipes, dustpan, brush, rubbish bin, cleaning cloths, etc., to allow everyone to clean up after themselves and ensure your garage is kept cleaner and tidier easier.

All in all, it is pretty simple to set up the organization to allow for a kid-friendly garage that keeps the space clean and tidy and everything easily accessible.

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