Kicksta Review: Getting Real Followers for Instagram

Anyone marketing online today knows the struggle of growing your online presence. Instagram in particular has become an increasingly difficult platform to obtain real followers on.

This has led many brands and influencers to take shortcuts, like purchasing followers and likes from untrusted sites and services.

While the appeal for quick and easy gain may be tempting, time has proven that these methods are actually damaging to your account.

You must be certain that the Instagram Marketing Service you’re using has the safety of your account in mind.

This is where Kicksta differs from most competitors.

By only engaging with real, active users in an organic manner, you can grow your audience and expand your reach without the fear of doing damage to your account.

How it works:

Kicksta will work with you to find your ideal target audience on Instagram, and implement the necessary strategies to connect with those users.

It is ultimately up to the end user to come check out your profile and hit the follow button, so you know that the followers coming in are real users that are actually interested in your content!

This means your organic engagement levels should also increase.

With Kicksta doing all the work in the background, you are free to focus your time on producing great content and providing value for your followers.


Unique filtering system: As previously mentioned, Kicksta does not interact with any account that appears to be inactive, spam, or a bot. They also provide the option to skip over non-english profiles, and you can even target by gender.

Analytics dashboard: Every client is given access to a custom portal where they can track analytics and see how their targets are performing. You are also able to update passwords, billing info, and add new subscriptions at your convenience.

Dedicated support team: Kicksta’s U.S. based support team is prompt and responsive. You have access to email the team with questions at anytime. You even get a dedicated Customer Success Rep if you are on the Professional Plan, who can help you with a customized strategy plan.

Pricing Plans:

Kicksta offers a couple different pricing plans, depending on your goals and your budget.

The Creative Plan at $49/month, is more of a hands-on model, where you are in charge of monitoring and choosing your targets. You have access to basic support, which you can email at anytime with questions.

The Professional Plan at $149/month offers more customization and assistance. You are assigned an Customer Success Manager who can guide you through target picking and strategy questions. You also have additional targeting features, such as hashtags, locations, and gender-filtering.

Both plans provide premium growth and responsive support, and you are free to cancel at anytime!

The Verdict:

If you want to increase your organic reach and grow real followers on Instagram, but don’t have the extra hours of your day to do it on your own, Kicksta is the tool for you.

You can be at ease knowing that your account is safe, while your audience continues to grow.

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Adam Hansen

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