Kenyunna Woodard Is Making Waves On Society Media

The YouTube star’s legal name is Kenyunna Woodard, but you probably know her as Ken. She is a social media influencer who makes numerous popular videos on YouTube, posts on Facebook, and pictures on Instagram, among other places. Just 23 years old, this individual has already made a name for herself and has earned a following of over 1.8 million subscribers across his social media channels.

One of the fascinating things about Ken is that she only started her YouTube channel in 2016 when she was a college student at Northwest Community College in Mississippi. At that time, not even Ken could have known how much these channels would impact people and how much of a following she was about to attract. All of that was yet to come, but Ken was already well on her way towards making an impact on social media and beyond. So we wanted to get some first-hand perspective on how things are going and what advice Ken has for others who would like to follow in her footsteps.

How Has Her Life Changed Since Starting The YouTube Channel?

Ken says that one of the most significant changes in her life since she started the YouTube channel has been her ability to move out of the small town in Mississippi, where she got started up, to Houston, TX. He says that she has been able to meet many people that she would never have had the opportunity to meet before, which has propelled her into new ways of thinking and being. In addition, she feels that she has been a positive influence on many people, and she claims that she would not have been able to do all of that without YouTube and other social media platforms.

How Did COVID-19 Impact YouTube?

In Ken’s mind, COVID-19 was a net positive for people on YouTube. More people around the world were under lockdown rules than ever before, which drove many of them to look to YouTube as a source of entertainment and inspiration. It is something that Ken felt helped propel her business forward despite the struggles.

What Projects Does She Have Planned Going Forward?

Ken is interested in working in the beauty industry. She says she has started to work on this and plans to launch a beauty line of products this year (2022). That is fascinating news for her social media followers as they are waiting on the edge of their seats to see what kind of products she releases. Given her reach and influence, it would not be surprising to see Ken’s products flying off the shelves.

What Would You Say To The Next Generation Influencers?

Ken says that the next generation of YouTube influencers needs to remember to be themselves on the platform. She says that people will try to tear you down over the minor things, but you need to stay true to who you are and bring as much positivity and joy into the world as possible. You can help usher in yet another great generation of YouTube content if you can do that. She says that the best thing to do is push the negativity out of your life as best as possible and try to look at the content you are producing for others as the only thing you need to focus on. If you can do that, she believes that you are on the right path and will find success.

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