It’s never too late to become a franchise owner

Are you recently retired? Are you set to spend your time doing anything you choose to do? Are you interested in creating more wealth for your retirement fund while you’re in good health? It’s time, then, to give thought to investing in a franchise in the USA. Specifically, look for a franchise that is suitable for not only young entrepreneurs but also for mature adults with stable interests and an idea of what they want to accomplish in terms of finances.  

While franchise opportunities are open to anyone, companies are especially on the lookout for experienced and seasoned adults to help their franchise operations grow. According to fitness franchise F45 Training—who I wrote this article in collaboration with—, they are always looking for mature entrepreneurs who believe in their own work ethic and are anxious to put their talents and experience to work. Senior citizens have a wide spectrum of backgrounds and levels of education that can translate into a successful franchise career.

Young is good; mature is better

There’s a lot of talk today about youthful entrepreneurs. It seems that the image of an entrepreneur is young, energetic, optimistic, ambitious, vigorous, impulsive, and non-stop 24/7. There’s nothing wrong with those things,but as a person matures, he or she becomes a better all-around worker and planner. Life throws experiences at all of us, and the wise person learns from experiences—both good and bad—and incorporates those learning moments into his or her life. Experience helps to guide individuals to better and more stable relationships and more prudent investment strategies. In other words, the more dependable and rock-solid senior citizen franchisees are, the more successful they will be. Franchising is a great opportunity to grow financially for people of any age, an example of this are tree service franchises. It is a worthy investment when done in the right way.

A lifetime of networking

Networking is the lifeblood of franchise success. Whereas young people must work hard at networking, spend innumerable hours on social media sites and travel to conventions and workshops to establish new relationships, older individuals have been networking for decades, possibly without even knowing it. They already have a large base of friends and business acquaintances, as well as family members, who may be valuable resources. Often, a senior citizen is able to pick up the phone and call a dozen close relationships in an hour to tell them all about the new franchise business he or she is going into. How many young people can do that?

So when it comes to franchising, older can be better.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.