What Small Business IT Support London Can Do For Your Small Business

Today, almost every business is dependent on IT. It not only makes things easier, but it also allows more work to be done. The level of IT available mostly depends on the size of the business. It could be anything from a few computer connections to having physical servers and extensive hardware and software selection within your business area. The technology could be used to communicate within and outside the business, to host the business website, and to make work generally easier for everyone. 

With such technology available, there should be a support system to troubleshoot and fix things in the event that something goes wrong. Challenges could arise at any time and it could make it difficult for you to carry on work, as usual, thereby reducing productivity. Hence, the need to have an IT support system around you. 

However, most times, small businesses do not tend to see the need for IT support and they deliberately do not bother making arrangements for one. This is because of the illusion that it is only big businesses that need IT support due to the level of the technology they need. It is a wrong notion as no matter the size of the technology available, it is bound to suffer some downtime or challenge at some point, and what do you do then?

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Some of the reasons why small business ignore IT support include

1. They think it’s not for them

Small businesses often feel that they have nothing to gain from IT support, thinking it belongs to big businesses alone.

2. Cost

Hiring IT support could be expensive, but part of the cost depends on the level of technology to cater to. It is unlikely that small businesses would have a lot going on, meaning the cost would be considerably less.

3. Function

There is also a misunderstanding of what an IT support staff does exactly. Some often think that they maintain only online tools or some specific form of technology, and when they do not have those, then they do not need their support. But this is not true as IT support has to do with everything digital in your office, including desktops, printers, wifi, and so forth. 

Small businesses do not need to be left out of hiring an IT support staff as they stand to gain a lot more than they think. Some of the things they can do for you include

1. Helping with Installations 

IT support can help you make installations to your office network. Whether it is hardware or software, the installation would be done so that it functions in sync with the other systems. This could be hard for you to manage alone, especially if the software or hardware is technical or new. 

2. Troubleshoot

If any of your devices are having a problem, IT support can help you run a diagnosis and fix the problem with ease. Some problems may be out of control or it could be that we cannot easily identify it, as we do not have the tools nor experience; things an IT support staff readily has.

3. Recommendations 

IT support could also make recommendations on software and hardware that could help your business productivity. This is because they know what works best for any business. 

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4. Security 

There is the thought that small businesses are less likely to suffer a cyberattack or be hacked, but this has turned out to be false. No business today is safe from suffering a hack. What every business needs is strong security to keep their online information safe and intact so that it does not get compromised. This is what IT support can help you with. 

5. Less Downtime

With IT support on standby, you do not have to worry about downtime as they could always easily resolve it. This could happen to both hardware and our online presence. Websites could suffer downtime, making it inaccessible and this could be very bad for business. 

6. Grow your business 

Having IT support as a small business ensures that as your business grows, things continue to be taken care of. Problems that develop while it is still a small business may linger even as your business grows, making it difficult to increase your IT needs.

7. Reduces Stress

You do not have to worry about how to create ideas for your business and run it, and still worry about how to fix your IT problems. IT support takes that stress off your chest while you focus on other important things for your business. 
No business should be left out of having IT support. It does not matter the size, you can always choose an arrangement that works best for you. At 360ict IT Support, we provide support for small and growing businesses so that they can function well and increase their productivity.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.