Investment Options for Risk-Seeking Investors

Any investor with an appetite for risk will always be on the lookout for exciting new investment opportunities. There are high stakes when it comes to investment options for risk-seeking investors with the potential for significantly larger returns on their investment when compared to lower-risk investments. Here are a few good investments options for those that are not adverse to risk and looking to grow their wealth.

High Yield Bonds

High yield bonds pay a much higher yield than safer alternatives as a way to attract investors and are ideal for any investor that is not opposed to taking a risk. These are bonds which are issued by companies that do not have great financial strength but they can potentially be very lucrative.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) invest in pools of residential or commercial real estate and can provide high returns for investors in exchange for tax breaks from the government. These investments experience wide swings based on the state of the economy, levels of interest rates and the state of the real estate market which makes it a risky but potentially lucrative area to invest in.

Estate Planning Services

Inheritance tax (IHT) services allow you full inheritance tax relief after 2 years by investing in business relief (BR) qualifying companies. There is an element of risk attached to investing in estate planning services like Downing and the shares of these companies can be harder to sell than other companies quoted on the stock exchange. Despite this, the reward is much higher and this will appeal to those looking to build their wealth.

Foreign Emerging Markets

Foreign emerging markets can be a smart investment if you get in at the right time but periods of extreme growth are usually short-lived which can make them a risk. Investors are able to buy government bonds, stocks or sectors and provides a wide range of new companies to invest in.

Venture Capital

Most startups require some form of funding with many turning to venture capitalists. Most startups fail which is why this can be a risky investment but if you are able to identify good opportunities and a company that has a good setup then you could potentially do very well by getting in on the ground floor.

Any investor looking for a high-risk, high-reward investment opportunity should seriously consider the above options all of which have an element of risk attached but could also deliver significant returns and help you to build your wealth. While there are benefits to low-risk investments, you do not get the same thrill or potential returns that you get with investment opportunities like the above but it will all come down to your own risk tolerance.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.