Interesting Ways Freelancers Can Stand Apart from Their Competitors

The benefits of working as a freelancer have been well documented. From focusing on projects and work that you’re passionate about, to setting your own office hours, planning your business success and of course, answering to only yourself.

Frustratingly, these benefits haven’t gone unnoticed, and more people than ever before are becoming full-time freelancers or juggling side hustles to make more money alongside a full-time job. It’s this saturation, that makes standing out in your industry all the more difficult and it’s why freelancers like you, should be focusing on strategies that set them apart from their rivals.

In this post, we’ll explore some interesting ways freelancers can stand apart from their competitors. Read on to find out more.

Work On Your Payment Processes

Working on your payment processes to stand apart from your competition seems like a strange combination, however, with the right invoicing software, you can highlight your professionalism and make it clear to your clients that you’re the most experienced and specialized individual to handle their requirements. By utilising simple invoice templates by FreshBooks, you can create stunning, fully customisable invoices, that reflect the quality of your work and how much you value their custom.

These invoices can also be fully automated, streamlining the payments process and helping you to get paid quicker. No more complicated invoicing sheets or reams of paperwork, just straightforward invoice creation within minutes. It’s a remarkable way to boost customer loyalty and receive recommendations.

Always Be On Time

If you’ve promised that work will be completed on a certain date – stick to it. If you’ve promised to call a client with an update or to discuss options – you must keep that promise. Many people are dubious about hiring freelancers because they work remotely and they feel that they’re losing control over their project. So, make yourself stand apart from the stereotype and your competition by always keeping your promises and completing your work on time! If there is an issue with timings, just be fully transparent. And speaking of transparency…

Be Honest

When you’re transparent with your clients it creates trust, loyalty and breeds understanding. If you run into problems or make mistakes, the more you try to sweep them under the carpet or hope they don’t find out the worse it will become. One of the simplest ways you can stand apart from your competition is by being as honest and open as possible. This doesn’t just apply to work being delayed, but also disagreeing over designs, or the best way for your client to get the results they want. If something won’t benefit their business or requirements, let them know!

Get Better

Whether you’re a voice artist, a website designer, linguist or something else, one of the best ways to stand apart from your competition is to get better at what you do. Learn more, earn qualifications, gain experience, train, just never stop learning. The higher your quality of work, the more commissions you’ll get.

Final Thoughts…

Consider these points above to stand apart from your freelance competition. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.