Importance Of Education by Raphael Sternberg

There is a variety of definitions and understandings for the word education, says Raphael Sternberg. The one thing which has the universal agreement is the importance of education. Why education is important is defined by Raphael Sternberg in the proceeding lines.

Education offers stability

The best advantage of education is that it offers stability in life. Education is something that cannot be forcefully taken away from a person. A well-educated, college degree-holding person has increased chances for the best career opportunities. Education has the power to open new doors of success for a person, says Raphael Sternberg.

Offer financial security

The importance of education can be elaborated by Raphael Sternberg that it offers the security of finance in a person’s life. It is also a well-known fact that if you get financial security, the rest of things get automatically easy for you. A good education is directly linked with a high-profile job, higher paying options as well as a set of skills that can help you to get the best possible benefits.


If you want the World to have dealings on equal terms, the process can be started by offering free education for everyone, says Raphael Sternberg. If educational opportunities are offered to everyone on the same scale, the gaps among the social classes will automatically shrink. With the high education ratio, everyone will be able to get high-paying jobs, a higher set of skills, and a higher maintained lifestyle which will create a sense of equality among the citizens.


Education is quite important because it is evident from the proof that self-dependency comes with education. If a person is educated then self-dependency would be related to his own will, hard work, and passion. He only has to rely on himself for getting life standard better and at a higher pace. A person who is educated has a free choice of what to do, how to do it, and where to start.

Make your dreams come true with education

The dreams of living a good life can be achieved with the help of better education as per the suggestions of Raphael Sternberg. Education is one of the powerful tools which has the power to make all of your dreams come true. Hard work is the key to the success of long-awaited dreams. The exceptions no matter what kind of dreams you have and what are you expected to get; the basic weapon for getting whatever you want can be started with getting the education that can direct you towards the life of your dreams.

Have a safer World around you

Education enables you to build a safe world around you by offering yourself all the comfort, security, and luxuries that are required to live a peaceful life. This phenomenon is true on the personal, community, national as well as on international levels. Education is also important as it offers people the actual difference between right and wrong, Raphael Sternberg said. It also gives people moral courage to support the right and stay away from the wrong. It also helps people to get away from situations that can put them at a higher degree of risk.

Education builds confidence

One of the major parts of education is giving you confidence which is a crucial factor in the success of life. What else thing has the better capability to offer the required confidence than education?  the level of education which is achieved by you is considered one of the best ways to pave your path toward success. With required education, lifestyle, money, and confidence can stop you from speaking your mind as well as expressing your opinions.

Be a part of society

The present society has an important base reserved for education. Acceptance in society is based on the kind of education, lifestyle, and success you have achieved over a period. With the right amount of education, you can contribute well to society.

National-level economic growth

Education is one of the crucial factors which is necessary for the growth as well as the development of society. Almost all nations and communities require people to have their education continued and keep their research levels at their peak for being an innovative member of society constantly. According to Raphael Sternberg, the countries which have high literacy rates tend to have better performance in the economic fields. Their economic situation as a whole has gotten better. The more part of the population is educated, the more employment offers would be opened for the general public.


According to Raphael Sternberg, education can protect people more than they have ever imagined. It is not limited to the financial level; education has a great deal of power in preventing you from being taken advantage of. If you know, you would never sign a fraud for your business. With the knowledge power, you would never sign a paper blindly. With educational power. You do not have to sign the bogus documentation; as you can thoroughly go through the documents and can seek guidance where you cannot get things clear.

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