How To Start Your Own Bail Bonds Business in Springfield MO

Bail bond companies play an important role in getting those who have been arrested out of jail to enable them to carry on with their normal duties as they prepare for their court date. The bail bond agent will pay for the bond amount so that the defendant can be released to appear in court at a later date as scheduled. A bail bond business is a lucrative investment owing to the annual increase in demand for bail bonds and the generally low risk of defaulters or defendants failing to show up to court as scheduled. If all goes well, you can have as little as 1% of defendants failing to show up to court on their scheduled date. Below is how to start your own bail bonds business and take it to the next level like Bob Block Bail Bonds in Springfield Mo did.

Understand business registration procedures. As a bail bond agent, you will make money by charging a premium or fee on the bond amount. However, you’ll have to meet the minimum licensing requirements in your state, as state laws tend to vary. Most states may require that you pass certain examinations and meet the minimum licensing requirements before you qualify for a license. You should also be at least 18 years of age, with a high school diploma or its equivalent. Just like starting any other business you’ll have to visit your state of secretary website and complete business registration procedures by registering your business name and paying the applicable fees. While some states may charge a few hundred dollars for state registration of LLC, others may require hundreds of dollars or even more for the same procedures. You may have to get the articles of formation as well as a tax identification number, which can be obtained from the IRS website. 

The documentation only allows you to establish your business legitimately but does not help you to run it successfully. Once you have registered your business, pursue classes and become a licensed bonding agent. Taking relevant classes and passing the prerequisite national examination, which contains a set of questions to be completed within a given time, will get you the relevant license to start operating. Complete the application, such as fingerprinting and background check authorization, and obtain the relevant surety bond as required by your respective state licensing board.

You can then establish your office, which may or may not be close to the courthouse and make sure you get noticed. Set up a complete office, including computers, fax machines, and phone lines so that you can be reached even during emergencies. Have a system that can effectively track bonds and court dates, including the parties responsible. In most cases, family members or loved ones secure the bond and assume full responsibility. Also, ensure your bank accounts are permanent. 

You should set rates and market or advertise your services. Creating a network of defense attorneys and law enforcement agencies will make your work much easier. Similarly, having procedures for bail jumpers will help you know how to deal with the situation when it happens because a few defendants will have to jump bail as long as you continue running the business.

A bail bonds business is fast-growing and proving to be a rewarding venture. To start this business, just ensure you register it and meet the minimum state requirements, including examination and licensing. A fully established office and networking with defense attorneys and law enforcement agencies can make your work easier.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.