How to Rent an Apartment Safely: Minimum Requirements, Fundamentals! What You Must Know!

You have chosen to invest in the real estate market through Skymarketing to buy a property to rent in mivida Islamabad , or you have a second home that you want to rent.

Your question is entirely legitimate!

Tourist areas, university districts or work centers allow you to make a profit more easily, but renting a house is not always easy.

Renting a home requires a series of preparatory steps, such as writing the ad or checking that the property qualifies for the lease.

Then begins the careful selection of tenants and the rental contract to be proposed.

What are the minimum requirements for renting an apartment?

To understand which are the most correct ways to rent Miami apartments, it is necessary to start from the requirements that the property must possess.

Let’s start with the minimum prerogatives, established by law.

1. The house must be free from legal issues

Let’s start from an important and fundamental point!

Your second home must not have legal or tax issues, such as mortgages, foreclosures or disputes with the taxman.

As you will have understood, this requirement is fundamental!

2. Some certifications are required

Secondly, the apartment must have safe and compliant heating, electrical and water systems.

Not only that: to rent the house it is mandatory to have the energy performance certification of the property (APE).

The APE is the document that offers all the information on the building as regards energy consumption and thermal insulation.

The APE certification is a business card for the apartment to be rented, which informs about the value of the building and influences the rental price.

In fact, the monthly fee can be higher if your home has excellent energy efficiency, as this translates into lower heating costs or less energy waste for your tenants.

3. The property must be adequate to accommodate

In addition to the legal obligations, when you decide to rent an apartment your home must be suitable for accommodating tenants.

A tidy and beautiful house to look at is the main requirement in the eyes of those looking for a home.

Then make sure that the premises are clean at the time of the inspection.

What elements that make your home easily rentable

How do you rent an apartment?

Let’s see what the basic requirements are!

We have seen the minimum requirements to be able to rent a property, but often these may not be enough to rent a second home.

In today’s large real estate market, some details can make the difference between an apartment that generates a profit and a vacancy.

1. Neighborhood where the property is located

One of the main ones is undoubtedly the area where the property is located.

If you own a second home in university neighborhoods or major workplaces, you can easily rent it out to students or employees.

Or, if your home is in a quiet residential area, many families want to live there.

Location is key! The question of services is linked to the area: the more an apartment is surrounded by shops, activities, leisure areas or is easily accessible by public transport, the less difficult it will be to rent it.

2. Presence of garage or parking space

Another element that makes your home more attractive is the presence of a garage or parking space.

The convenience of being able to park the car easily is essential in large cities or tourist centers.

3. Modern furniture

If you want to rent a furnished apartment, surely the eye wants its part. Old and disused furniture will not help you, better furniture with simple lines and rather new.

In this regard, we recommend OUR GUIDEFurnished Rental: How to Rent a Furnished Apartment in Safety!

4. Plants up to standard

By law, to rent an apartment the systems must comply with the law.

It must be considered that new systems that are characterized by good maintenance often help to rent the apartment earlier and better.

5. New fixtures

In large cities that are often characterized by the presence of noises that make voting at home quiet and peaceful, it is always recommended to review the fixtures.

In addition to insulating against noise, the windows protect from the cold and are often a requirement for many people looking for a house for rent.

In the case of replacement of the fixtures you are entitled to deductions: Replacement fixtures deduction: how the bonus works!

How important is the size and age of the property?

A spacious home can work in your favor if you plan on renting a home to families or multiple tenants.

It can be a factor that students or lone tenants can rate negatively, but a large home is generally more and more welcome.

To easily rent out your home, the age of the property also counts.

On average, it is less complicated to think about how to rent a brand new apartment than an older one.

It is not necessarily true, but time does matter.

In fact, an old building may not be appreciated by some tenants, worried about the poor state of health of the building or the lower energy efficiency.

The age of a property in the case of a large city is very often not a problem, also because the period buildings as well as being very aesthetically beautiful represent history and characterize a district or area of ​​the city in a prestigious way.

In addition, in most cases they are characterized by the presence of systems in accordance with the law and energy certification.

How to write the ad?

Here is another of the secrets on how to rent an apartment safely: writing an effective home rental ad.

If you want to rent your second home at a profit, preparing a good advertisement is essential, especially if you are looking for interested parties on the internet.

Most people search for ads on the internet so this channel is very useful and for this reason at this point in the article we will explain how to rent an apartment on the internet.

When you enter the brick market, you compete with hundreds of other landlords with apartments similar to yours.

In this sea of ​​offers, without an ad well done you risk not capturing potential tenants.

Work well on the ad copy

Look for a captivating and comprehensive phrase, precise and capable of distinguishing your home rental ad from the others.

If the title must be very clear, so that the user immediately understands where the apartment is located.

Then proceed by writing first the best features of the property, which make it unique, in short, the strengths.

A perfect home rental ad helps prospective tenants visualize the apartment and pique their interest.

Once this is done, insert the photos. The photos must allow the user to perfectly visualize as many rooms as possible in the house.

Include information such as the monthly fee, any expenses, number of rooms and personal contact details in the ad.

Also add details about willingness to accept pets, the security deposit or the date the house will be ready.

If you don’t know how to write a good ad for renting an apartment on the internet, start by comparing yourself with other landlords and their listings.

This allows you both to evaluate the price of the monthly fee and to understand if yours is unique enough.

An example of a lease announcement

We have come to the point where we give you an example of a rental advertisement, helping you in a concrete way so that your advertisement is perfect and your apartment can be rented as soon as possible.

Announcement: A two-minute walk from the Polytechnic di Torino I rent a single room with balcony and a large double room with 2 windows, both very bright, to students.

The rooms are equipped with bed, bedside table, wardrobe, bookcase, desk, swivel chair, and lamp.

The apartment is located on the second floor with lift and consists of a kitchen (two bedrooms, one double and one single) and two bathrooms both with shower, a closet and two balconies and a cellar.

The apartment has been completely renovated and is equipped with all the most useful appliances such as: washing machine, dishwasher, oven, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, iron, TV, modem for internet connection.

Its proximity to the Polytechnic (about 250m) makes the apartment very comfortable for university students. Its location is also strategic because it offers various services such as supermarkets, neighborhood market, gym, pedestrian park and public transport.

The heating is centralized with valves useful to change the temperature on each radiator.

Expenses: the rooms will be available from September and provide for a monthly fee of 300 euros for the single room and 230 euros for the double room plus the costs related to consumption which are:

  • condominium expenses amount to 20 euros per month per person;
  • energy consumption amounts to about 30 euros per month per person with final balance;
  • the average expenditure for heating amounts to 50 euros per person per month from October to March with final balance.

Type of rental contract: a rental contract with a dry coupon is proposed.

How and where to post the ad

When you have a house to rent, you want your rental ad to be seen by as many people as possible.

To put your property to be allocated in good view, you have two channels available: the paper way, in local newspapers and ad magazines, and the online method.

The latter is the most convenient way to publish a rental ad, as well as the solution that can reach the greatest number of potential interested parties.

Understanding how to rent an apartment on the internet is very simple: the ads for renting a house are concentrated in large online rental portals.

When you choose where to post your ad, go to the most famous sites for renting a house, such as, or Idealist.

It also evaluates large platforms like Backbeat or Kikiki, which are generic but well-stocked.

In fact, these solutions have the greatest number of visitors, and if you want to rent your property quickly you have to choose the squares most consulted by potential tenants.

There are also portals designed for specific needs: Unplaced, for example, is the site for renting homes to students.

If, on the other hand, you are thinking about how to rent an apartment for short periods to tourists or students, consider placing an advertisement on Airbnb or Home Away.

To publish an effective ad, you will need to accompany it with quality photos.

Choose shots that stand out, images with good light and vivid, almost professional colors.

How to select the tenant and which references to ask?

We come to the choice of the tenant.

All homeowners are wondering how to rent an apartment to the perfect tenant, because finding the right person means completing the investment in a second home.

A tenant who ensures a monthly income, takes care of your property and does not cause headaches to the landlord is in fact the prerequisite for a lasting income.

So you need to make sure he has a solid working situation.

To rent an apartment safely, ask for guarantees on its professional stability: a tenant who works can pay the rent regularly.

Insert the figure of the guarantor in the rental contract!

And if you want to protect yourself as much as possible, make a deposit to those who want to rent the apartment.

It is your right when you rent the house to request an advance equivalent to one month’s rent.

Alternatively, you can take out rental insurance, a home insurance policy that allows the owner to recover the unpaid monthly rent.

In addition, if necessary, the insurance reimburses the damage caused to the property and any legal costs in the event of a dispute with the tenant.

If you need help, ask a real estate agency for advice. In fact, agencies may have an archive of clients, have experience in rentals and know how to find information before closing a contract.

How to establish the rental price?

Establishing the monthly fee to ask a new tenant is a delicate step.

The rental price is closely linked to the value of the property but can also depend on other factors, such as competition or the type of contract.

These values ​​have been established through territorial agreements, and are available on the websites of the Municipalities.

Once you have found the range of relevance of your apartment based on area, housing and functional characteristics, you will have an idea of ​​the rental price to ask.

Within this minimum and maximum range, however, you will be able to negotiate the rent with your tenant.

You certainly think about how to rent an apartment to make a good monthly profit, right?

So start from a base that best reflects the value of the property and retouch it according to your needs.

For example, if you want to rent out a house quickly, lowering the price of your rent can help.

Look at what prices houses are rented in your area: it could also be a way to propose a more advantageous solution.

If you need to, you can always ask for advice from a real estate agency or a rental calculation from experts, even online.

How to choose the rental contract?

Deciding how to rent an apartment also involves serious reflection on the contract to choose.

Entering into the correct lease agreement is an important step, which serves to establish all the rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant.

It is also your first protection tool in the event of tenant insolvency.

To understand how to choose the right one, let’s see the particular characteristics of each rental contract.

Contract for temporary use

Let’s start with the lease for temporary use.

It is a type of lease for temporary needs. It can be requested by a tenant who thinks about how to rent an apartment weekly or for short periods, perhaps for work. It lasts from 1 to 18 months.

This option is not valid for tourist needs. For those, in fact, there is a special tourist lease, a particularly lean and short contract that has a maximum duration of 30 days.

Another transitional contract tailored to particular needs is the lease to university students, with a maximum duration of 36 months.

Free rent contract

The most common, however, is the free rent lease.

This rental agreement offers more security to the landlord to obtain an income for several years, binding the property for a long period. In fact, the contract has a fixed duration of 4 years, which can be extended for the following 4.

Contract with agreed fee

The rental agreement with an agreed rent is also very frequent. The rental price is established by the municipality according to agreements between owners ‘and tenants’ associations.

The income you can get is therefore a little lower, but you can enjoy tax benefits. The contract lasts 3 years and is renewable for another 3.


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