How to Pick the Right T-Shirt Design for Your Small Business

Have you ever considered having a branded t-shirt for your business regardless of its size? Just like any other business elements such as legal documentation, business website, employees, and any other strategic constituent, a branded t-shirt is another brilliant idea for your business. Choosing the appropriate design is also very important as it enables you to achieve your desired goals in branding the t-shirt. This article presents the essential ideas you need to consider when choosing your small business’s right t-shirt design.

Figure Out Why You Need A Business T-Shirt

The goals of having a business t-shirt will guide your process of designing and enable you to understand its purpose and why it is necessary. These goals and motives include:

•    Promotion purposes

•    Branding the business

•    Internal solidarity for the employees

•    Promoting events

•    Merchandise

•    Meeting leave-behinds

Define your Quantity, timeline, and budget

Like any other project, you need to know how many pieces you need, the amount of money you have allocated to the project, and the time you need them.

Know your options for printing

There are various available methods of printing. They include:

  • Screen Printing. This method is ideal for standard printing, and its products are of high quality, and they are affordable. However, the method requires a new screen for design revision or every new color hence adding extra costs.
  • Vinyl Graphics. This method produces durable and high-quality t-shirts. However, additional designs make the method costly.
  • Direct-to-Garment. This printing method uses inkjets only that they are applied to fabrics rather than an intermediary paper transfer. This method, however, does not work well on dark-colored garments.

 Brainstorm Your Design Concept

Business t-shirt design involves obtaining new ideas and communicating through them effectively. You will also need to apply your creativity in creating new ideas. This design ideas required include:

  • T-shirt types and sizes
  • Imagery and Styles
  • T-shirt Typography
  • Specialty Printing Designs
  • Color

Look for a Designer

After you get the designing skills, find a reputable designer who will materialize your concept. You may choose whether to design the t-shirt yourself or hire a pro.

Evaluate your Design

Whether you choose to design the t-shirt yourself or hire a pro, the final design evaluation is needed before taking it to the printers. The final design should meet your business goals, budget allocation, and how perfect is the branding. You should communicate your feedback clearly in case you decided to hire a professional. In case the design fails to meet your desired goals and objectives, go back to the starting process and begin it all over again.

Obtain the Right Files from Your Designer

Since your design of the business t-shirt is complete, you should now consult with your printer to get the correct files from your designer. It would be best to have your t-shirt design in vector format and the color codes to facilitate printing.

Find an Efficient Printer

After altogether undergoing the entire printing process, you may know to print your t-shirt. Look for a printer that offers your preferred method at a friendly budget. It is always important to observe the following:

  • Requests samples for the printer’s finished t-shirts as opposed to design images.
  • Check if the printer possesses an in the house art department.
  • Build a business relation with a printer you can transact with.
  • Be cautious of hidden charges such as in films, screens, and Pantone color matching.
  • Be sure that the printer provides pre-press proofs if you intend to print a large order.

You should always undergo a robust designing process to obtain a quality business-shirt design that meets your desired goals and objectives in line with your business strategy . Designing a business t-shirt is a simple process that only needs close attention to achieve your preferred outcome.

Brett Sartorial

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