How to Optimize your Tiktok Profile

So you’ve just downloaded 2020s hottest social media app and set up your profile, so what now? There are a variety of different types of videos you can make on Tiktok, from dance routines and lip synching videos to comedy routines, there is an audience for pretty much anything on Tiktok. 

Yet, before doing any of this there is still some work to do in making sure that your profile is optimised. This will go a long way in ensuring that your videos convert into clicks. In this article we will be taking a look at some of the best ways to optimise your Tiktok profile before you even post your first video! 

1: Ensure That Your Username is Easily Searchable

Having great quality videos is absolutely useless if nobody can actually find your profile and watch them! Remember that your username will be the first thing that anybody sees when they click on your profile so it is worth your while to make sure it is something memorable which sums up both your personality and the type of content you want to create. If you are good with words or turns of phrases then you are in luck, Tiktok users love a good pun or snappy name!

That said, If you already have a sizeable presence on other social media channels try and choose the same username on Tiktok as you have on Instagram/Facebook. This shows consistency and means that it is easier for your fans to find you on Tiktok without too much trouble.

Remember if you change your mind about your username it’s not the end of the world. Tiktok allows you to change your username every 30 days. This can work to your advantage as you can constantly experiment with different usernames until you find the one which really works for you or your brand.

2: Choose a Cool Profile Pic Which Stands out

Similarly to your Tiktok username, your profile picture will also be one of the most memorable things that people see when they click on your account so make sure it stands out! Unfortunately, people on the internet can be very shallow and nothing turns shallow people off more than an unflattering profile picture! As the majority of Tiktok are between the ages of 16-24, try and pick a profile picture/theme that appeals to younger audiences. 

It is advisable to make your profile pictures consistent across all of your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc…) For your profile picture it is best to show your face along with a nice bright background without too much clutter. You can easily retouch your photo yourself with websites like Picmonkey, alternatively you can also pay a freelancer to do this on websites like Fiverr at cheap rates.

3: Choose a Consistent Design for Your Video Thumbnails.

When people click onto your profile you want it to stand out. Once you have chosen an eye catching profile picture and username what else can you do to make a visual statement with your account? Unfortunately you are limited to what the app allows you to customise, however there is a slight work around with this.

By choosing a consistent theme for your videos, it can give you another opportunity to enhance the visuals when people click onto your profile. Take a look at @Frenchschooltv’s Tiktok and how all of the videos on display have a unified theme.

It seems like a small thing, but it definitely goes a long way in making your Tiktok look that little bit more professional.

4: Ensure That you Have a Good Bio

A clear bio description with links to your personal website and other social media channels will go a long way in making your profile look ‘complete.’ It’s simple things like this that will get you more views on your videos once you begin posting content and also show that you are not a bot.

Your bio should explain who you are and what you do along with making a great first impression. That said, make sure that you don’t give away too much information, you never know who is going to be viewing your account!

5: Decide What Content you are Going to Post and When

Before you create any content, think about exactly what kind of content you would like to produce. Remember you can’t please everyone! The most successful Tiktok accounts follow a particular niche or interest.

Once you have decided what type of content you want to create decide on a schedule for when you want to post. Consistency is absolutely key if you want your content to go viral, you want to be posting at the same times everyday. That said, don’t be afraid to experiment with posting at different times when you are starting out to find out when the best times for you to post are. You may want to consider subscribing to Tiktok Pro as this provides you with analytics which display the days and times when your audience is the most active. 

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6: Get a Head Start by Getting Free Tiktok Followers

No I’m not talking about buying followers or shilling out on Tinder for followers. Believe it or not there are websites out there which will provide you with free real Tiktok followers for free

Having all of these extra followers can go along way in ensuring that your account looks more professional.

7: Promote Your Tiktok on Other Social Media Channels

This one is ideal if you already have a sizeable following on other sites like Facebook or Instagram. If you are looking to expand your social circle, you can always submit a post on a messaging board like Chattoday. Promoting your Tiktok on these channels is a brilliant way of migrating your following over to Tiktok. Sharing content across your social media channels will benefit you in the long run as it will show that you have a strong online presence across social media.  

I hope you found this article helpful, remember to take your time and remember to ensure your profile is properly optimized before posting anything!

Gloria Kopp

Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and an elearning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of a creative writer. She has recently launched her Studydemic educational website and is currently working as a freelance writer and editor.