How to Maximize the Value of Business Custom Window Decals

The way prospective customers view and interact with your physical storefront is a major factor for many brick-and-mortar businesses, and the signage or graphics on the windows in front of your business hold particular importance. One product type that’s utilized by a variety of businesses to help make a great first impression and draw people in Custom window decals.

You have a number of good options for your window decal needs, including versatile choices from industry leader Signazon, which offers easy-to-install, low-cost vinyl and other custom window decals to meet the needs of any business. What are some of the ways you can maximize the value your decals are generating on your behalf? Here are several basic themes to keep in mind.

Primary Branding Elements

First and foremost, your custom window decals should always be viewed as a primary branding element – that is, the custom window decals should reinforce key elements of your brand image. Things like color schemes and logos should be well-represented in custom window decal form; think about the impact this has when customers are seeing them from outside your business!

Relaying Important Information

In some cases, custom window decal elements may be used to share info like holiday hours, promotions and events, or other timely reminders. Using custom window decals in this way is another good way to reinforce your brand image while also making sure you’re grabbing the attention of current and prospective customers at key times.

Announcing Events or Promotions

In other situations, custom window decal elements may be used to promote an event or sale happening at your retail location. If you’re hosting a big promotion, custom window decals can help ensure that passers-by are aware of it – and even encourage them to stop by for more details.

Mix Them Up Frequently

Because custom window decals are easy to move or remove when desired, it makes sense to use them in different ways on a regular basis. Avoid getting into a custom window decal rut – rotating custom window decals can maximize their impact as well as keep things fresh for customers and passers-by.

This doesn’t have to mean anything complex, either. You can simply rotate custom window decals to make sure you’re consistently sharing the same messages while adding a fresh coat of paint.

If you place custom window decals on your storefront windows, just be careful not to put them too close to the inside of the glass – it’s best to allow at least 1/4 inch between any custom window decal and your store’s interior glass, to help avoid smudging or damage. Also, keep in mind that custom window decals may require cleaning tools like squeegees or soft cloths with plain water or window cleaner. If this is the case, make sure you place custom window decals away from foot traffic to protect them even further.

When it comes to custom window decal needs, you have a number of options for your particular business. If it’s time to replace custom window decals or start new custom window decal projects, consider some of the many benefits that custom window decals can bring.

Heron Nelson

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