How to Manage Your Employees Efficiently When Staff is Permanently Working Remotely

The Coronavirus pandemic allowed a number of companies to see that their staff works at the same rate or better remotely. There are certain production-based jobs that could see a huge increase in productivity when working from home. A copywriter is a great example as meetings can distract a writer or a chatty coworker can cause a plunge in productivity. The chances are that if you have decided the entire staff can work remotely permanently that there has been an increase in productivity. The following are tips to help manage employees now that working remotely is the new normal.

You Need an Office Space at Home

There are going to be circumstances where you are going to want to meet with a person physically due to lacking performance or for a promotion. Designating an office space might not be enough but you can always create one on your property. A small in-law suite or guest house being built can allow for a designated space for work to be done along with increasing the value of your property. In today’s world, potential rental income is a huge deal to many buyers that want to reduce the financial stress of purchasing a new property. The office space needs to have air conditioning installed in order to be a livable space in most areas of the country.

Weekly Performance Meetings

Weekly performance meetings can be done or an email can be sent out. Meeting only when necessary can allow for productivity to improve even if it is only marginally. Taking a few hours out of a week for unnecessary meetings impacts those people that are struggling to meeting their weekly or monthly quotas. There are going to be those employees that are extremely productive and enjoy a hands-off management approach. Take the time to learn which management styles prove positive for each employee. Now that people are working remotely the way that employees are managed can differ drastically when compared to in the office.

Look into Talent from Around the Country

There is now a huge opportunity to find the best candidates for jobs from around the country. There were limitations for a number of companies as they required employees to be in the office. You might be able to save money on employees that are hired from an area with a low cost of living. Look for those with quite a bit of experience along with a track record for success whether they are a digital marketer or sales professional.

Quarterly Physical Meetings

There are going to be those employees that move across the world that might not be able to make a quarterly meeting. Requiring all employees to attend a certain meeting of the year is important. Building rapport is far easier when people are seeing each other physically than virtually. Team building annually combined with a bit of working together in an office setting is important. Take the time to poll employees on what time of the year and which city they would like to meet in. This can be used as a form of family vacation for many members of the staff along with a professional trip.

Managing remote employees is going to be far different than seeing employees in the office on a daily basis. Take the time to learn each employee on a personal level so you can manage them to promote productivity and overall morale.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.