How to Increase Instagram Engagement Rate

Choosing Instagram to build the worth of your business is an effective idea as it’s the most powerful platform for companies to grow. After you choose Instagram for your business it’s time to build your online presence and to do so you have to increase the engagement rate of your profile.

Instagram engagement is all about the ways through which users interact that include likes, shares, comments, and saves of your posts. Having maximum engagement on your profile will attract more audience and they would love to connect with you. The Instagram algorithm also depends on the engagement rate, more likes on your posts will attract more audience. Also, it’ll be easy for you to connect with your targeted audience as those people will interact who have an interest in your content. Having a large number of followers on your account is not enough you need to make a stronger community which means having interaction with them. You should consider their ideas and communicate with them in a friendly way. This will keep them engaged with your profile for longer. You can convert your loyal followers to become permanent customers with the right strategy.

Tips to Increase Engagement Rate

Although there isn’t a specific formula through which your Instagram engagement can raise dramatically in a couple of hours. You have to work on it and it’ll eventually increase with time. Below are some useful tips for you:

Content is Everything

People love to share and save those content that is of some value and this increases your engagement rate. To increase the value of your profile you have to work on your content and make it attractive. Your content should be so innovative and interactive that users would love to share it with their friends again and again. Instagram marketing is all about visual content and you need to create such type of content that is visually appealing. If you don’t want to make your content congested or want to share more in a single post. You can use the carousel to share multiple photos or videos in a single post. It allows you to share up to 10 photos or videos.  

Video Content Will Boost the Game

Initially, when Instagram was created it was all about photos but now it pushes video content more and you’ll be able to get more engagement rate on your videos than on photos. Instagram reels are getting more popular than other types of content that is just like TikTok videos. As they are short and give a complete message in a short time. This wouldn’t let your audience get bored. If you are not into investing your time in producing interactive reels you can also make use of Instagram live. To convey your message directly to your audience while communicating with them face to face. This is a great way to increase engagement rate as more people will interact with you through live sessions.

Feed posts and stories are also important for increasing engagement as you get likes, shares, and comments and save on them. Some businesses even buy Instagram auto likes to increase their post engagement and attract more users. Adding subtitles to your videos is also a good idea as most people watch videos without sound. Video content has more importance that any other type of content on social media. People spend more time on video content so making video content to get engagement is more important. Instagram has amazing features that you can add to your videos to make them look attractive without making much effort.

Keep a Track of Your Engagement Rate

Knowing your progress is also necessary so that you could have an idea that on what aspects you need to pay more attention to. If you don’t have any idea where you can find information about your engagement. You can simply go to your profile and check the insights button, there you’ll see an overview of your results and you can also check complete details. You need to have a look at these metrics so that you can get an idea that on which aspects you have to put more effort into.

Pay Attention to Aesthetics

Having attractive visual content means getting more attention from your Instagram followers. When a person visits your profile first thing it notices is your visual content. You should be sure that the first impression should be good otherwise it can be their last visit to your profile. Having pleasing visual content on your profile will surely get you more followers. As this convinces you to stay in touch with your content. The tone and theme of your every post should be the same for every post, so when a visitor visits your profile it should give an aesthetic look.

Interact with Your Followers

Everyone wants to have attention and no one would like the feeling of being alone. It’s better to respond to your followers rather than ignore them when they try to interact with you. Some brands even buy Instagram comments and then react to them to encourage more users to comment. Whenever a user tags you, DM you, or tries to interact with you through comments or in any other way. You should interact with them back and show them that you care about their presence. They should feel that you are always there for them. This builds a strong relationship and followers love to interact again.

Final Thoughts

To implement anything you need to think about the planning and then work according to it. You should have a look at the insights of your profile so that you can get an idea that which metric needs more attention. When it comes to driving engagement nothing works better than creating appealing content. This includes visually appealing content of photos and especially videos that attracts a maximum audience. Interacting with your audience and using the right and relevant hashtags is also necessary. Creative stories and reels will bring more audience because of the short length and complete message.  


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