How To Handle Being Involved In A Car Accident With A Commercial Vehicle

Car accidents happen to nearly everyone at some point in their life. Getting involved in a car accident with a regular driver differs from being hit by a government or commercial vehicle. The way that your case will be handled might differ depending on the circumstances. 

The following are tips to handle being hit by a commercial vehicle. 

Don’t Sign Anything Sent To You By The Company

The truth is that all companies want to avoid taking a case to trial. You might receive a letter with an offer within days of the accident. The offer could be thousands of dollars immediately if you do not file a personal injury claim. The insurance company might try to do the same thing, you should always consult a lawyer. If the company was not in the wrong, they would not be offering you money to keep the situation from proceeding. Enlist the help of a lawyer to navigate this stressful and confusing situation. 

Seek Legal Representation Immediately 

Finding a lawyer immediately is going to be an important thing to do. You don’t want to settle for the first attorney that you find online without asking the right questions. The fee structure is going to matter as you want to know how much of the settlement will be given to your legal team. Previous case results are often showcased on the law firm’s website. Asking for results from similar cases can provide information as to what type of compensation to expect from your case. 

Law firms with quite a few resources can battle a case as long as it takes. You want to be able to get the compensation you deserve rather than the first settlement you are offered. Take the time to see if you have any personal referrals to consider. Getting a trucking accident lawyer might be required or one that specializes in Uber accidents. 

Take Pictures At The Accident Scene

Disputes about which driver caused the accident always arise with a personal injury case. Taking a video or picture without putting yourself in danger is always recommended. Some commercial vehicles have cameras on their dashboard but this can conveniently disappear. Witnesses might not want to go to court or cannot be found if it is time to give a deposition. 

Don’t Skip Out On Medical Treatment

Medical treatment might not be required right after the accident for some. Injuries can start causing pain days after the accident so you should visit a doctor regardless. Lingering injuries do occur that might not seem serious but could take months to recover from. Even small accidents can cause whiplash which could impact your performance professionally. You want a steady wave of care as it is recommended by professionals. You don’t want anyone to question the validity of your injury which can happen when a personal injury case is taken to court. Missing therapy or appointments can be seen as neglecting the injury or not putting in any effort to recover.

Commercial vehicle accidents need to be handled as soon as possible. Do not put off talking to an attorney or finding medical attention.

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