How to get from Dubai Airport to Any Place in the City

When you arrive in Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, the first thing you realize is that you cannot go far on your feet, because without a car it is very difficult to get to all the world famous sights. Of course there is public transport in the city, but it is not always the most convenient option. Although the Dubai Metro is considered quite pioneering, many people prefer to travel comfortably by car. And in this case, the Dubai taxi service comes to the rescue.

It is not difficult to find taxis in Dubai, one can find them everywhere with a large crowd of travelers. The car is waiting for its passengers in special places near hotels, malls and entertainment centers, museums and attractions, as well as the most visited restaurants. In total, there are about 50 official parking lots in the city. But to catch a car by the road in Dubai is not accepted, you will only waste your time, and the locals won’t understand you. If there is no free car in the parking lot, you can order a cab from the company.

Driving from the airport

Dubai International Airport is located very close to the city. However, since the metropolis is situated on the coast, all the locations are at a reasonable distance. 

Ordering a taxi from the airport is usually not a problem: near the terminal there is always a line of cars waiting for passengers who have just arrived. However, there is another good option: order a taxi from the airport to your destination in advance. This will make your arrival easier, since you won’t have to look for a car. Just go to or call the number given on the website. Just enter your name, phone number, time of arrival and number of people, and the company will be happy to make your reservation. The company calculates the cost of travel in advance, if you indicate the place of arrival, which is very useful. This will help you estimate your budget. Do not worry if you cannot find your cab: the driver will pick you up with a sign with your name on it and take you to the car.

The cost of travel

Passenger transport companies are regulated by the state, so the cost of services provided by carriers is more or less the same. The total cost of the trip is made up of two components: the boarding fee and the price per kilometer.  Payment is accepted both in local currency, and in dollars and euros. All Dubai Taxi Company cars are equipped with bank terminals that allow you to pay for a ride in cash or by card. Payment can be made in local currency, dollars and euros. There is also a charge for every minute of waiting. Tolls are included in the total cost of the trip.

Tipping is a personal matter for the passenger. If you want to thank the driver, just say “keep the change” and refuse the change.


Taxis are definitely a convenient way to get around in a metropolis like Dubai. And Dubai Taxi Company is ready to do everything possible to make your trip the best experience of using a UAE taxi.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.