How To Get Employees To Bond In An Efficient Manner

Building a company that has employees that have a close bond will take a balance of motivation, realism, and success. Employees will easily bond over success while division can be caused when blaming starts if a company is struggling. Getting the employees to bond at a small business might just happen over time. At other companies, it takes a proactive approach to get people to bond with one another. This type of bonding can lead to employee retention numbers staying high which is essential with a huge number of professionals resigning in 2021. The following are tips to get your employees to bond in an efficient manner. 

Providing Lunch Can Help

Interaction over lunch only really happens with a few people if company lunch is not provided. You’d be surprised as to which people bond as they might work in vastly different departments. A cohesive team makes it easy to reach out to another department for help as employees will be familiar with one another. Team bonding games during lunch shouldn’t be forced on the employees as you want people to get to know each other organically. 

Team Bonding Experiences 

Team bonding experiences are available all over as something as simple as going to the beach for a weekend can be enough. Outdoor quest adventures are a great example of bonding experiences as outdoor escape rooms can help encourage communication and can be a family-friendly activity. Seeing people outside of the office might give you a different perspective on them personally. Some people take their jobs seriously but joke around with friends outside of work. Look into team bonding activities in your area as you likely will not regret it. 

Hire For The Culture 

Finding people that are good culture fits and can perform the job is important. You don’t want to hire a person simply because they get along well with everyone. The company should be full of people working towards the same goal and maintaining a positive attitude. The ability to make friends with coworkers cannot be underestimated as this environment fosters accountability. Missing a deadline for a coworker is one thing but missing it for a friend you work with creates more problems. 

Virtual Pizza/Beer Parties 

The number of people that are working remotely is quite high throughout the world. Virtual pizza parties where the company sends pizza to an employee can be rapport between employees. Playing trivia games about various employees can also be fun. Certain professionals miss their friends in the office so this can be a great time to catch up with them without having to discuss a project that is upcoming. Sending out gift cards to a meal delivery service can allow people to unwind. This can be the best place for a remote employee to get to know others as otherwise, they might not have much contact. 

As you can see, a proactive approach is very important when it comes to getting employees to bond. Hiring for the culture will make this far easier so keep this in mind when interviewing applicants. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.