How to Find a Sustainable Decommission Service for Your Corporate Migration

With a corporate relocation on the docket, you have an exciting future ahead of you. You also have plenty of work to do. You need to find an environmental firm that can help you decommission your surplus office inventory to make sure you reach your sustainability targets. 

A quick search online might bring up millions of possible results in the time it takes you to blink, but not all of these services are worthy of your time. To find the best option for your office move, check out these tips to create a shortlist of the top companies. 

Search for a Turnkey Solution

Coordinating a corporate migration is a true test of your organizational powers. You can take some of the load off your plate by ensuring a decommission service offers a turnkey solution

This kind of project management streamlines the entire decommission process — from selling and donating furniture to strategically recycling any used office furniture that remains.

Double-Check Their Stats

You don’t want to hire a fledgling organization that’s still working out the bugs of their services. You want an established firm with proven numbers to backup their claims, so look to see just how much f-waste they’ve diverted over their history. 

Expect no less than these stellar stats from the company you choose:

  • 98% landfill diversion rate
  • Offsetting 171,033 tonnes ofCO2 emissions
  • Network of 17,000+ non-profits and other charitable organizations that take used furniture

Look at Their Awards and Accreditations 

As an owner of a thriving business yourself, you only want to work with other successful companies — even during a relatively short partnership during your relocation.  

To find a flourishing company, perform a quick background check to see if your shortlist of options made it on any recent environmental awards list.

Check the SEAL Awards first. Short for Sustainability, Environmental Achievement, and Leadership, the SEAL Awards recognizes eco-conscious companies that create innovative and sustainable business practices. To find companies that managed to thrive during the pandemic, look at the winners of 2021, announced here.

To ensure that their vision has a practical impact on the environment, look to the Real Leaders Impact Awards. This annual award celebrates and ranks the top 150 companies that demonstrate high-performance growth to support their green ideas. 

Read Client Testimonials 

So far, the steps mentioned above show you a curated view of the sustainable decommission industry. While they’ll give you a good idea of the services they provide, they don’t tell you much about the experience you can expect as a client. 

For more information about a decommission firm’s customer service, search for past client testimonials. The top firms will have a long list of clients willing to share their experiences with others. 

If you can’t find any testimonials, consider it a warning sign equivalent to a bad review. 

When done right, selling, recycling, and donating used office furniture is an excellent PR opportunity for corporations. Something must have gone wrong if they aren’t sharing the environmental and charitable impact of their decommission. 

Bottom Line

A lot is riding on your corporate relocation, so you can’t leave your office decommission to just any company. You need the best sustainable decommission firm on your side to make sure you save money, protect the environment, and do some good. 

Use this guide to help create a shortlist of the top services in your area and compare their rates to find the best fit.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.