How To Find A Reputable Bankruptcy Attorney?

The process of filing for bankruptcy is complex. If you’re considering this option, it’s wise to consult with a bankruptcy attorney. They can review your circumstances and explain whether filing for bankruptcy is the best way to manage your debt. Should you decide to hire a lawyer, they will also help you navigate the process, significantly reducing the burdens you may otherwise face.

Your goal is to hire a bankruptcy attorney qualified to provide the service you deserve. Ways to find a reputable bankruptcy lawyer include the following:

Ask for Referrals

According to an Associated Press report, hundreds of thousands of individuals in the United States file for bankruptcy each year. As such, you may already know someone who has had to file for bankruptcy. 

They might be able to recommend a bankruptcy attorney if so. Additionally, if you have friends, family, or colleagues in the legal profession, they may know of a lawyer who can assist you.

Check With the State Bar Association

Your state’s bar association can recommend an attorney accepting cases in your area if you don’t know anyone who can refer a lawyer. Because the bar association is highly unlikely to recommend a disreputable attorney, this option is one to keep in mind if you’re not sure how to evaluate a lawyer’s experience, credentials, and general indicators of competence.

Search Online

Google the terms “bankruptcy lawyer in [your city or region],” “bankruptcy attorney in [your city or region],” and “bankruptcy law firm in [your city or region].” This will help you come up with an initial list of firms in your area.

Once you have a list, research these firms in greater detail by:

  • Checking their websites for information about their services. Their websites may also provide information about how long their attorneys have been practicing law, whether they’ve handled cases similar to yours in the past, and whether any past clients have provided testimonials confirming they offer quality service.
  • Checking third-party platforms such as and Google for reviews from past clients. Reviews on third-party platforms can help you better determine whether the testimonials on a firm’s website truly reflect the way most clients feel about a given bankruptcy lawyer or firm.

You can narrow down your list to a few options after taking these steps. Next, you may begin scheduling consultations.

Meet With Bankruptcy Attorneys

Check the websites of the remaining law firms on your list for information about scheduling a consultation. Your first consultation with an attorney should serve multiple purposes, including:

  • Allowing both you and a lawyer to meet and get a sense of whether you’re a good fit for one another
  • Giving you an opportunity to ask questions regarding a lawyer’s experiences, how they may approach your case, etc.
  • Ensuring a lawyer thoroughly understands the details of your case to determine if they have the qualifications necessary to represent you

Be aware that many reputable bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations. If you meet with a lawyer but decide not to hire them, you won’t necessarily face any financial consequences as a result.

A free consultation with a lawyer is your chance to assess an option and decide whether you’d feel comfortable hiring them. Factors to ask about and consider when making your decision include:

  • How comfortable you feel speaking with a particular attorney
  • Whether a lawyer’s fee arrangement is a good fit for your budget
  • Whether an attorney is able to provide reasonably specific details about their experience handling cases like yours

It’s worth noting that, while a lawyer may be able to discuss their general impressions about your case’s potential outcomes, it’s unethical for an attorney to make any guarantees or promises regarding how your case will play out.

Remember this when meeting with attorneys. A lawyer who instills confidence by assuring you they’ll be able to secure a specific outcome may not actually be as trustworthy as you’d like to believe.

Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney: The Importance of Considering Your Options

It’s vital to act fast when seeking a bankruptcy lawyer. The sooner you begin coordinating with a professional, the sooner you can begin resolving what might be a troublesome issue in your life.

That said, it’s also critical not to rush the process. By following the advice here and thoroughly vetting your options, you’ll be far more likely to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve hired a lawyer qualified to represent you.

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Sarah Ross