How To Declutter Your Workstation & Get Rid Of Unwanted Belongings

Whether you’re working from home or in the company office, desk clutter can quickly mount up in your workspace. Having a messy desk can be overwhelming and increase your stress levels, especially when you need to stay organised to keep on top of your workload.

If you want to stay on top of your schedule and have a productive day, knowing how to declutter your desk effectively is imperative. Luckily, we have several handy tips to share that will keep your office space clean and clutter-free.

Decluttering your desk space doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are 7 tips on how to declutter desk mess to keep your office space free from paper clutter, excess junk, and files. We’ll also discuss what you can do with all the clutter you’ve gathered.

Remove everything!

Your first port of call should be to remove everything (bar your computer, of course). As you remove things one by one, consider if it should be tossed into the bin or recycled. You can start to create piles by your workspace, ready for the next step of your spring clean.

Wipe down your desk

We all know how important a clean desk is but having a clean office space is good for improved immunity, as well as your productivity levels. A few sprays of disinfectant on your desk is a quick and simple way to keep it germ-free! Just remember to wipe down your keyboard and mouse too!

Return things to the right place

Declutter desk mess easily by returning things to their home. Whether that’s returning office supplies, placing file folders in a filing cabinet or putting away your office essentials in desk drawers.

Give your office staples a home

Whether you’re a small business owner working from your home office, or an employee of a large organisation, messy desks can cause a headache and confusion, especially if you need to look for something rapidly. Instead of placing your office belongings anywhere they will fit, give them a proper home. You could get a desk organiser to store your personal stationery or create your own filing system in your desk drawers for important documents you’re working on.

Go digital

Living in a digital world has many benefits for your office, especially when it comes to storage. These days, you can easily store files, invoices and business cards online, saving time when it comes to searching for important documents. Project management apps, Google Docs and Cloud storage are all effective in helping you to digitise your office.

Take a photo!

Sometimes it can be difficult to notice trouble spots for clutter so snap a few photos of your workstation to help give you a different perspective. You could also ask a colleague for assistance with this. It will help you to be aware of future messy hotspots for quick decluttering.

Commit to regular cleaning!

Regular spring cleaning of your work space keeps your office space tidy! Mess can creep up on you quickly and before you know it, you’re back to square one. Make a note in your diary for monthly deep cleans. Alternatively, commit 5 minutes to cleaning your desk each day. You’ll be amazed at how your productivity levels remain consistently good with a tidy desk!

What To Do With All The Clutter 

So, what happens to all the clutter you’ve gathered on your desk and don’t need anymore? Should you throw away important post-it notes? Should important documents be thrown away or shredded? Here is what you should do.

  • Donate any old office furniture, cabinets, books, etc that are in good condition to a local charity shop
  • Sell any unwanted items or give them away on Facebook marketplace. Some people use damaged or frayed items as upcycling projects!
  • Shred important documents, especially if they contain highly personal information
  • Throw away any unnecessary items like food wrappers
  • Recycle paper and old post-it notes that you don’t need

Declutter desk mess today!

Now you know how to declutter your office desk, you can make a start on organising your office space. Remember, keeping on top of clutter will help you to increase your productivity levels and clear your mind, while regular cleaning will keep your desk clutter-free for a highly focused day at work.

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