How to Choose a New Web Design Company

Looking for a new web design company to help your business move forward online? Well look no further than this guide.

1. Check their Web Design Portfolio

Spend time checking the web design portfolio of potential web design companies. Almost all digital agencies showcase their work on a single web page. Checking out the web design portfolio of the company can help you know the quality of the work of the company. You can choose a website design company with the designs you like. The website designs of these agencies are not the same. That is why you need to check the web design portfolio of multiple agencies.

2. Know the Client Base of the Company

You must find out if the web design company has designed websites for companies in your industry. If it has, then the company understands your target audience, your requirements, and even your processes. The company can save you a lot of time since you will not spend a lot of time explaining everything to the company.

Ask the type of clients the company works with. It can be private and public sectors, different sectors, and small and large corporations. Choose a company working with clients, who are the same as you, because the company understands the unique processes and problems in your sector.

It is much better to choose big brands since they provide high-quality work. However, it is hard to work directly with big brands since they have a small team working on website design projects for their clients.

You can choose small brands. It is much easier to work with them. They are even more likely to spend more time on your web design projects. It is easy to deal with them.

3. Certifications

You must check the certifications of the potential web design company. Agencies with all the certifications are more competent and they deliver quality work.

Certified web design companies use correct processes and procedures to ensure their work meets high-quality standards.

There are certification programs in some Content Management System platforms, including Sitecore and Umbraco. Once you have chosen a Content Management System, choose a web design company that has been certified to build websites on your chosen CMS. If you decide to use Umbraco, you can choose a partner with a profile of Umbraco’s official website on their website.

4. Digital Agency Directories

It is important to compare and review web design companies on the Recommended Agency Register. Clients use this directory to leave reviews and feedback for the different web design companies. Therefore, you can visit the directory to know the Budget, Strategic Thinking, Client Service, Web Design Quality of potential web design companies.

You can visit to find several web design companies from all over the world. You can find detailed reviews of these companies here:

5. Core Services

You must know the core services of the company. Ensure the core services suit your needs. If you want to build a new website, look for a web design that focuses on building websites. You can even ask them how long they have been offering the core service to their clients. That is why it is important to review the portfolio of these web design companies.

6. Awards

If the web design company has won awards in the industry, then the company delivers quality work. On the internet, Clutch, Drum, and Recommended Agency Register organize awards. The awards recognize achievements and quality work in the industry. Web design companies usually list their awards on their website.

7. Attitude & Approach

You should contact potential web design companies to know how they deal with initial queries, if they are eager to help you, and if their staff is friendly and supportive.

Some companies will tell you what you want to hear. Do not choose them! If one web design company says your project will take two months to complete while other companies tell you it will take them four months, then the company is overpromising to get your business.

8. Meet with Them

If possible, meet potential web design companies to learn more about their processes and discuss your project and your requirements. You will have enough time to learn more about the team you will work with for several weeks or even months. You have to ensure you can work with the team. If the team is eager to help you, then you can choose that web design company.

9. Don’t Focus on Price Alone

It is not always a good idea to hire the cheapest web design company. Quality is more important if you want to ensure your website looks professional and performs well technically. Your website should be user-friendly to encourage your website visitors to spend more time on your website.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.