How To Build An Online Wellness Business

This is a great time to launch an online business, as millions of people are relying on eCommerce and digital advice like never before. Just because market conditions are ripe doesn’t mean that you can foray into a competitive commercial environment without adequately preparing yourself, however. This is why entrepreneurs and self-help gurus who wish to launch a successful online wellness business must be careful when doing so, as the alternative is costly failure that will impede your future commercial endeavors.

From practicing what you preach to ensuring your sources are accurate, here’s a review of how to build an online wellness business.

Stay away from pseudoscience

The wellness industry is increasingly popular these days, for many good reasons but also, unfortunately, due to some bad ones, too. Many so-called “wellness experts” or professional content producers lack degrees or other qualifications, and peddle pseudoscience which may sound true but is actually ineffective or even harmful. This is why your chief concern must be to avoid peddling false or misleading information in the hopes of generating clicks, as you’re not improving anyones wellness by leading them astray. So, how do you actually go about foraying into the wellness industry as a professional who wants to improve people’s lives?

For starters, practice what you preach. If you’re issuing wellness advice that you would never follow in your personal life, you’re likely making a serious mistake and are perhaps succumbing to misinformation. This is why citing your sources is of the utmost importance. Citing your sources will convince your audience that you know what you’re talking about, and lend you a degree of legitimacy that you may otherwise lack. If you want to argue about the benefits of mindfulness practices, for instance, you should point out that the CDC has an entire webpage dedicated to mindfulness practices in the American workforce that is rich with resources you and others can depend upon. 

Learn how to market 

It may be more alluring to pass off your mindfulness practices as ancient wisdom from the Far Eat, but besides being problematically orientalist, this is also somewhat illegitimate and misleading. Stick to science, and you’ll generate more attention while doing more good. The Harvard Gazette has a tremendous breakdown of where science and mindfulness meet if you’re still unconvinced in the efficacy of this method. Leave performativity to the talented experts at Heather Wayne Performing Arts, and instead champion sterile science that will convince readers you’re unbiased and professional. 

Besides learning how to market, you should also look into how to bolster your digital presence, as most business in the wellness industry is done online these days. With social distancing measures ensuring that most people are going to be stuck inside all day, having compelling posts and media-rich digital content is of the utmost importance if you want to have a popular brand that’s quickly spread around by word of mouth. If you haven’t already, look into Entrepreneur’s guidelines for marketing an online business, and carefully keep track of your digital ad budget.

Brett Sartorial

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