How to Attract More Local Patients to a Medical Practice

Medical practices need to create a medical environment that encourages patients to take better care of themselves. By increasing access and convenience, they can help more people who live nearby to make it their primary care clinic.

1. Give Out Promotional Items

You can give away promotional items to local patients for free or for a minimal cost. Promotional items allow patients to remember your practice, and they make a great way to market your business. Start small and get creative with the items you give out. You can use a variety of items, from specialized stickers to branded pens. A good idea is to give out pieces of your business’s equipment, like stethoscopes or thermometers.

2. Make It Trustworthy

Many patients are hesitant about choosing a new doctor for several reasons. They may feel compelled to stick with their current physician because of the friendly staff or their recent experience with them and want to extend that relationship. Another reason is that people trust and feel comfortable around their regular doctors so much that they don’t want to switch physicians if possible.

In order to improve patient satisfaction, which will make it easier for people who live nearby to trust a new medical practice, a doctor or practice must have a good reputation. People will feel more confident in their primary care doctor if they do things such as offer free, confidential health screenings or hold free classes for the community on how to take better care of themselves.

3. Be Flexible and Give Patients Easy Access to Healthcare

A lot of people want access to healthcare that’s more affordable and convenient. Those who live in an urban area may not be able to afford their current physician because of the high cost of living there. A doctor can attract more local patients by offering healthcare that’s flexible and accessible.

One way to do this is by focusing on alternative payments. This can include accepting cash, personal checks, credit cards, or offering a monthly subscription service. Another option is to provide online access to their patients so they can get lab work and check-ups on their own time without having to visit the clinic every time something comes up.

4. Work with Healthcare Providers Close By

There are several types of healthcare providers close by that you may not be aware of that could help you attract local patients. One example of this is a free health clinic that can offer basic primary healthcare services. Another is a school-based clinic that provides primary care services to nearby students.

If there’s an urgent care facility or walk-in clinic near you, you can also partner with them to attract more local patients. This may be an option worth pursuing if your practice focuses on specialty care and does not have the resources for routine check-ups and annual physicals.

5. Digital Marketing

The digital world has made it easier than ever to attract more local patients thanks to the incorporation of social media, search engine marketing, and digital advertising. The right combination of these strategies can help you reach out to more people who live nearby, especially in areas where patients are hesitant about trying a new medical practice due to the lack of online reviews or area-specific information about it.

Brett Sartorial

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