How to Add Warmth to Your Living Room While Working From Home

Your home is the best place where you wish to unwind yourself after a long tiring day and hence you do not leave a stone unturned to make it the way you want. You always want the place to be comfortable and comfy once you come back to it. You always want a place which would be more inviting and give you warmth once you enter into it. So, what is that you would need to do to get that warmth and cosy feeling? You might have invested a lot into the good interior decoration but there are few things which might be missing from your place and that could be the reason for not feeling the relaxed feeling at your place. Here we are going to discuss a few of the things which would help to add a little warmth to your dream house. Let’s begin!


Colour is a very important factor while decorating your home. Choosing the wrong colour of the paint or the combination can turn your home into a dull place. If you choose the bright shades then you can expect the invigorating effect and neutral shades such as light grey or soft blue and the warmer pastel shades can give you a more relaxed and calming effect. You can try using the neutral shades on your furniture as well as on walls. Adding a dash of colours on the throw pillows and throw blankets would certainly enhance the combination. Adding a variety of coloured throw pillows and throw blankets would give you a chance to experiment every time. For spring you can use bright colours. You can add pastels for summer, brown, orange or rich gold for fall. If you have got red and green then you can certainly use that for winters. If you search for wall arts print online then you will get thousands of options for creating the designer walls. 


Another next thing that is equally important to add a positive vibe and warmth to your apartment is the furniture. It is important to choose the right furniture which would suit the colour combination of your apartment. It is not necessary to stuff your apartment with a lot of furniture everywhere to look stylish. All you need to have the necessary ones which would complement your apartment style.


Good lighting also plays an important role to add warmth to your house. A mixture of track lights and recessed lights along with the unique lamps would make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your apartment. You would get many wattages, options and styles to choose from like fluorescent, soft white, incandescent and daylight.


Putting a big mirror in your apartment would certainly help to reflect the light in the overall area and make it appear larger. You would find many varieties even with the mirrors. A little bit of research would certainly help you to add a reflection of warmth at your place.

Variety of Textures

Decorating your house with a variety of textures would make a huge difference in the overall appearance and the experience with your house. Try playing around with glass, fabric, wood and tile while picking the stuff for decorating your house. You can pick these things easily from any garage sale.

Aroma Therapy

A good relaxing fragrance would always help you to unwind the stress. There are a lot of options where you can play around with the good fragrances to get the nice smelling house. Getting the nice scented candles or even the aromatherapy essential oil diffuser would certainly help to make your living room smelling better.

Vintage touch

Adding vintage pieces to your home is certainly a great option to change the overall vibe. You would get a variety of vintage items either at the markets or on online websites. You can pick things such as an old rustic lantern, Vintage glass bottle, wooden tray, a display of old keys etc.


Fresh green plants have always proved to be effective to improve the vibe of the place. Choose the variety of indoor plants for your living room and you will notice the difference instantly. These plants would help you to circulate the clean fresh air in your living room. So when you come back to your home after a long tiring day and sit in your living room you will instantly feel rejuvenated. 

Chris Z