How Pest Control Companies Can Increase Revenue

Pest control businesses are a necessity in modern society. We don’t want our homes and businesses overrun by rats and bugs; however, some of the signs of a pest outbreak aren’t as obvious as they should be. Providing customers with free, or cheap, inspections is just one of the ways a pest control business can increase revenue. These free inspections will often pay off because pest control specialists will recognize early signs of a pest outbreak before the consumer. Keep reading to discover more tricks and strategies to help increase revenue for any pest control business.

Seasonal Advertising

It’s no secret that certain pests will only appear in certain seasons. Switching up your marketing strategy during certain times of the year is a sure fire way to bring more attention to your business. For example, in the Spring and Summer, advertise yourself as a flea and tick specialist. In the Winter time, mice and other rodents are more likely to find their way indoors. Focusing your efforts on different pests depending on the time of year is a great way to ensure people think of you and your business when the pests come around.

Specialized Treatments

Target niche customers with specialized treatments to gain customers in the industrial industry. Pests such as termites can cause havoc on a business. Offering a termite pre-treatment such as Bora-Care to businesses is a great way to get your business’s name around and gain customers. Offering a drain fly elimination service is also a great specialized treatment to offer.

Licensing and Certification

Each state has its own laws in regards to the licensing and certification required for pest control businesses. Going above and beyond on your certification is a great way to get some attention in the industry. A company with more than the minimum required licensing and certification will be better equipped to handle anything the customer is dealing with.

A company could even seek registration in multiple states, especially if they operate close to the state border. This means they would be able to reach a wider customer base than the competitors who are only registered in a single state.

Recurring Clientele

Nothing is better than having a strong customer base. Businesses will require regular inspections and pest control. Seek out local businesses and see who is handling their pest control currently. You may be able to strike a deal with them and take the contract from competitors. These contracts are usually twice a year. Recurring business contracts add up, especially if you can get a couple per month. You’ll see your revenue go up, and you’ll see these businesses recommend your company to their friends and family.

Modern Billing Methods

Few things can improve a customer’s experience more than a proper billing structure. Try to incorporate some form of auto-pay into your business. This will mean all of those business clients you work with won’t have to go out of their way to pay you. They will be automatically billed on a regular basis, depending on how frequently you visit the location. This is also a great way to retain current customers. They’ll be less likely to switch pest control companies with auto-pay enabled.

Focus on Referrals

Word of mouth, even in 2021, is still the best form of advertising. If you treat every job you do like it’s the most important job you’ve ever done, your customers will recommend you to others. This business model is a sure fire way to see success and leave your customers happy. By treating every job with the utmost importance, customers will see how serious you take your business and recommend you to others.

Brett Sartorial

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