How Networking and Positive Relationships Helped Demet Oger Grow

Everyone needs the help of family members, friends, and professional relationships on the ladder to success. This is particularly true in the fashion and entertainment industries, where connections matter just as much as talent. Fortunately, Demet Lee Oger has plenty of both. She was born in Ankara and learned from her parents and family members that it would be important to learn from some of the best and brightest, no matter what path she chose. From an early age, she developed an interest in film studies. She knew that to fully pursue her dream, she would need to find a way to move to one of the biggest entertainment capitals in the world.

This led her to London in the United Kingdom, where she studied film education. There, she got to know one of her directors very well. She tried to learn as much as she could from this director. She learned about everything from lighting and sound systems to the production behind the films that are broadcast on big screens all over the world. This relationship played a major part in her career development. She never imagined just how much this relationship would mean to her, as this director invited her to go with him to Hollywood to work on a film proposal. Once again, she packed up her life and traveled across the world to Los Angeles, CA, in the hopes of furthering her aspirations in the film industry.

Once she arrived in Los Angeles, many people expected her to find work as an actress and model; however, she wanted to explore other interests. Therefore, she used the knowledge she had gained from working with the director and founded Oger Entertainment. There, she put her skills to use. She was able to rent out a building to a local TV series, where she continued to learn more about the entertainment industry.

Demet Oger also wanted to give something back to the world that had given her so much. Therefore, she started to volunteer at the AIDS Foundation, which was founded by the iconic singer Elton John. There, she met another filmmaker and his wife. She started to work with this couple and came up with a great idea where Elton John would sing some of the poems that Demet Oger had written, with the income from the songs going to the AIDS Foundation. This was a great way to raise money for people in need. This garnered the attention of some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, including Morgan Freeman, who has an iconic voice.

Now, Demet Oger has been working in Hollywood in 2001. She has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Elton John, and others. These relationships have played a major role in the growth and development of Demet Oger.



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