How Much Money Does It Take to Air an Advertisement?

The money needed to air an advertisement varies according to the idea of the marketing campaigns. It can be the sum addition of the total amount required for production and the number of slots in which the advert runs. After, the total sum is then divided by the number of customers to determine the average cost. Commercials aired in local channels range from a hundred dollars per advert. But this cost depends on advertising media. This article focuses on the amount paid for airing an advertisement while looking at every step in achieving a successful advert to determine the total cost

  • The Set-Up Cost

The first cost to consider in any form of advertisement is the setup cost. If you are airing your advert with a television station, then you need to understand the two main stages involved: Design and production stage. The creation of the advert is in the first stage. You need to make a few decisions at this stage. You can hire a separate crew for the design and production, or work with the same company. It includes the cost of hiring scriptwriters and actors. In most cases, many people prefer to work with an outside agency as it is less costly. 

After the design process, the second stage of the setup cost is the production. It is the actual process of creating the advert. The process entails everything from the start of the shoot to editing and reviewing the advert. The setup cost ranges from ten thousand dollars. The price here depends on the length and complexity of the advertisement.

  • Media Cost

When it comes to the cost of media, you need to consider its strengths and weaknesses. The charges depend on the formats, performance metrics, and campaign types you choose. You need to consider the cost of reaching out to your audience. If you are airing your advert on social media platforms, the fee depends on the social network. Most of the venues require a minimum daily budget. You can search over the internet and visit this page to get an insight into other ways of reaching out to many viewers through the media. You can turn to a reputable commercial production company for enthralling advertisements with a long-lasting effect on the minds of viewers. With a successful commercial video, you can easily increase your presence in the market. It’s an incredibly effective medium to sell any product or service.

  • Length of the Advert

According to a reliable survey, individuals spend approximately three hours a day watching TV. They as well spend more than two hours a day on social media platforms. From these findings, a company looking to advertise can look up to 5% up stick sales. The percentage is in the first few months of advertising. 

When it comes to the length of the advert, different channels have their time constraints on the matter. So, when it’s time for children’s programs, they avoid airing some adverts like alcohol. The program’s popularity and the number of times the advertiser agrees to air determine the cost. If they air the advert during a prominent life event programming, the price is higher than when aired in regular programs.

  • Cost to Continue

After launching the advert, you need to consider the cost of ongoing fees. The price only applies to companies that need to keep using the advertisement in reaching their target audience. It’s not enough to air an advert once. It takes time before the information reaches out to the audience. For TV advertising, you calculate the recurring cost on top of the amount paid to the production agency. For social media airing, the charges are the same as that of a qualified visitor from your potential audience. Designing a new advertisement is one strategy that helps reach out to your audience. Be ready to pay for extra cost once you create a new one, or make changes to the original advert.

If you are looking to air your business advert, you need to identify the category of your operation before paying the cost. Choosing the right season to advertise is vital. It can save you a lot of time and money spent on adverts. Make sure to do extensive research before deciding to pay. Researching helps you scale your budget and settle at a relatively cheaper option for your business ads. With the high cost of advertising, you should consider more affordable avenues like airing on radio stations. Before you pick one station, examine all of them, one by one, and then choose the option that meets your business needs.  

Buddy Karimi

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