How Local SEO For Dentists Ensure #1 Rank Position in Google

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a term that has been around for years. However, for some, SEO is about getting your site higher on search engine results pages. While others think SEO is about how well you can write.  

The truth is SEO encompasses both aspects and more. In this blog post, you will know techniques related to SEO for dentists to ensure top rankings on Google. We will also cover why SEO is essential for a dental practice’s success and some SEO tips for dentists.

Importance of Local SEO for Dentists  

Local businesses, especially dental SEO companies, require online visibility for survival and growth. With smartphones taking centre stage in digital marketing, you can’t skip any tactics that help display your services online, neglecting to utilise local search engine optimisation (SEO). Overlook these latest best practices will leave your business shackled if you want it to succeed on the internet; we’ll take care of all those troubleshooting needs.  

If you want to be the #1 dentist in your area, your website must be ranked for Google. Although many competitors also aim to get featured on the top position of search results pages- ranking can be competitive and challenging without citations/links from other sources, which will help separate you from these local dentists.  

How to Build Quality Links with Local SEO for Dentists  

1. Competitor research  

This is an excellent method to use to get contextually relevant links. First, check the websites linked to your competitors and see if you can acquire similar backlinks from those sites through manual outreach efforts, such as sending them emails or reaching out over social media channels with their contact information available for public consumption online. 

2. PR and media outreach  

A great way to get a high-quality link and coverage for your dental website is by investing time in local PR outreach. Offering free check-ups or informing the public about an award, recognition received can lead you online with glossy photos of smiling patients who look happy thanks so much.  

3. Reviews  

The best method to get online reviews from clients is by asking them for their opinion and then providing an easy, quick response. You can provide this service in your personalised email or Google My Business Page. They will leave you feedback on any experience with one click.  

Bottom Line 

A dental business’s rank in Google is determined by its optimisation. This can be a daunting task for those who don’t have the experience or resources. However, there are experts to help with search engine optimisation (SEO). In addition, a top-ranking will bring new clients and increase the visibility of your office on various online platforms that dentists often use today, such as Yelp.  

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.