Benefits and Types of Breakaway Lanyards in the Workplace

Have you seen people in offices, cafes, hospitals, and other organizations hanging their identification cards or badges by their necks? They can do that with the help of cords called lanyards, which are available in different colors, shapes, sizes, and features. The two main types are breakaway lanyards and non-breakaway lanyards. Even though they look like a simple item, they are incredibly effective. They also serve various purposes, including mobility, security, and brand advertising. If you have not used breakaway lanyards for your card until now, you should. What are some things you should know about it? Read on to know more.

What is a Breakaway Lanyard?

Even though lanyards are an extremely effective and functional way of carrying your identification cards everywhere, they have a significant disadvantage. Most of them get stuck on items around your workplace, because of which they are damaged, either wholly or partially. To avoid this, you should wear a breakaway lanyard which you can easily snap back together after they break.

How Do They Work?

Breakaway lanyards consist of a plastic clip that sits at the back of your neck and breaks when the lanyard is pulled when it is stuck on something. Some of them have rubber breakaways on the lower part of the cord, which is released when pulled. However, all lanyards of this type have a quick-release clasp system that prevents choking or other accidents associated with standard lanyards.

Safety Features in the Lanyards

There are primarily three safety breakaway features that reduce the damage risk, mainly if you work in dangerous environments where a lot of pulling and tugging is involved. These safety features are at the midpoint of the cord, behind the neck, and the attachment point. These three work in combination by enabling the lanyard to snap in three different places. After it has cracked, all you have to do is gather the pieces and reattach them wherever required. It is convenient and more cost-effective because, in a non-breakaway lanyard, you would have to replace the whole part.

Which Establishments are They Most Suited for?

As mentioned earlier, lanyards with triple safety features are suitable for any job where considerable physical activity is involved, and the chances of your lanyard getting stuck in something are relatively high. However, you should get this lanyard if you work in construction sites, hospitals, prisons, psychiatric care facilities, and manufacturing.

Types of Breakaway Lanyards

There are two types of breakaway lanyards that you should know, and these are flat and round breakaways. Each of these has different features.

Flat Breakaway

The flat breakaway lanyard comes with a metal swivel hook attachment. It consists of a flat cord meant to prevent the identification card or any other attachment from swinging madly. These are available in various colors, so you can select one that appeals to you. It is suitable for outdoor instructors, trainers, laboratory assistants, and factory workers.

Round Breakaway

Round breakaways are called so because they have round coils with swivel hook attachments. The tightly woven fabric used in the cords can withstand rain and sweat without any significant damage. Gym teachers, park staff, and others who work outdoors should go for this type of lanyard.

Things to Consider Before Buying Them


Lanyards with triple safety features are available in various colors, including black, blue, purple, green, yellow, and maroon.

End Attachments

The end attachment refers to any object used to hold your lanyard, including the breakaway one. Bulldog clips, metal swivel hooks, strap clips, little plastic hooks, key rings, lobster clasps, detachable buckle, and two clips are some options available for you.

The Shape of the Cord

You can either choose a flat or a round cord for your breakaway lanyard. While a round-shaped one is more comfortable around your neck, a flat one will have a greater area for displaying your company’s logo or name. As seen above, breakaway lanyards are effective if you work in a rough or rugged environment where your ordinary lanyard is prone to constant tugging, and therefore, damaging. These will ensure minimum damage and optimum safety

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