How Do You Do Mass Texting for Churches

You cannot deny the fact that effective communication is important for churches. As an executive of your church, you’ve given various ways of contacting your visitors, employees, volunteers, and congregation. 

Were you aware that one of the finest ways of reaching out to people in your church community is through messaging? This is a reliable and easy way of broadcasting information from your viewpoint. 

Also, this is a time-saving option. Here are the simple steps of how you can mass text for churches.

You should get individuals’ approval first

Your congregation isn’t an industry or some other company that only stands to make revenue. Still, because you are not just texting a family member, friend, or familiarity from your own mobile, it is required to seek individuals’ permission before texting them. 

You must always retain consent before messaging someone.

There is a constitution, i.e., the Telephone Communications Protection Act, which asserts that your text message receivers should “opt in” to get SMS messages. No need to worry. 

This applies mainly to promotional or marketing text messaging. Text-Em-All’s congregation texting assistance utilizes toll-free numbers to deliver text in Church, and explicit options are not needed.

Communicate crucial information

It is known that text messaging is appropriate for conveying all kinds of information to your holy place’s community and those that work or volunteer at it. 

However, you need to ensure that you only deliver crucial messages to the individuals that have chosen to receive text messages.

For instance, messages about special services or upcoming events will be beneficial to your church. 

That’s nice congregation text messaging appropriateness; nonetheless, delivering selections of bible verses daily or urging donations from individuals via text message is not good etiquette.

Message the correct groups of individuals

Were you informed that you could deliver MMS and SMS text messages to particular groups of individuals? For example, you may have a group that you would call your community. Another might be volunteers and employees.

You might even want to further segment those teams should you want to convey messages about particular subjects. One instance is making a church group related to arranging a forthcoming event.

Deliver a welcome text message to recent members

It’s nice to greet new people at your church. Committing so reflects caring about them and wishing them to appreciate being a member of your congregation. Delivering a welcome text message to fresh members is also a manner to begin conversations with them.

You may not understand it. However, the easy act of delivering a welcome text message to recent units also helps you to know more about them. 

For instance, some new people may want to spend their time at the holy place, and they could enable it when acknowledging your greeting messages.

Contact your congregation personally

Periodically, people in your church’s community might prefer some one-on-one support and assistance. You can contact those people by asking about problems and making yourself accessible to them.

They might need all sorts of assistance and may not understand who they could expect. They might retain problems about life matters or marriage troubles. Your customized text messages can efficiently give a lifeline to those people.

Daily Text the Members of Your Church

Don’t obtain a list of contact numbers, and then just deliver one text message every 60 days. Bring the most of this transmission move. At least, deliver weekly service reminders and devotionals. Don’t forget that daily involvement is the key.

The constant touch will take you to “top of mind” with your Church members. Also, you can utilize tools like drip messages, SMS surveys, and other text automation to settle some of that task on autopilot.

Limit your text messages to monthly or weekly frequencies

Finally, you don’t prefer to disturb your church members and others connected with your congregation by delivering regular text messages. Rather, limit your transmissions to monthly or weekly broadcasts. 

While this is a crucial “rule” in holy place text messaging decorum, it also implies you will not run out of aspects to tell individuals.

Also, you can always ask individuals to reach out to you if they require your support and help. Only in those matters should you text individuals more often. In all other matters, try to keep your texting to a monthly or weekly frequency.


So, these are the simple and easy steps to do mass texting for Churches. You’ll require their permission and contact number to message them. As long as the church wants you to give value to the text message movements, most will be delighted to choose your text movements. 

This is a perfect way to enhance your Church development rate, enabling you to involve both existing and new Church units, and assure you always retain a straight line of transmission to your units. It’s an incredible way to assure your Church remains up to date.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.