How Has Technology Have Changed Our Lives?

There was a time when computers were large stand-alone machines. Today, smaller and faster devices make it possible for people to use them anywhere.

Computers have evolved from performing complicated mathematical calculations to provide a wide range of functions in everyday life. Now, the advancement of web-based technology has brought fresh change in the way we do things in our everything lives.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In simple terms, the Internet of Things refers to the use of web-enabled devices. These devices use smart sensors to collect data from their surrounding environments and act on it. 

They acquire the data by using embedded sensors, then analyze and communicate the information effectively using affordable wireless technology.The manufacturing sector employs the Internet of Things to enhance its processes by capturing and analyzing data and communicating real-time information more accurately. 

More companies are using advanced IoT solutions to optimize inventory management, reduce machine downtime, and lower operational costs. Today, there are many IoT Devices Manufacturers who are taking advantage of this higher demand for automation.

Smart Homes

The use of automation has extended beyond businesses and manufacturing and is being incorporated into homes. Nowadays, there lights come on when someone walks through a home, the TV switches on automatically, or appliances respond to voice commands, if you have invested in these features.


Almost all businesses use computers in their operations. They use computer software for accounting, maintaining personnel records, managing projects, tracking inventory, and creating reports.

E-mail enables businesses to communicate with their staff and customers expediently. It can also be used to promote their services. Website applications can collect potential customers’ data and send information automatically.


The use of computers enables students to get an education without having to go to a physical classroom. Remote learning allows students to attend lessons from wherever they have an internet connection.

In addition to accessing audio and video lesson files, students can also get face-to-face tutoring via online video chats. 

For informal education, knowledge is only a few clicks or taps away. Google has replaced libraries except for people who love the feel of paper as they turn the pages of a book.


Anyone with a computer today can start and manage a successful business, and do it with very low overheads. There is no need for an office, warehouse, and employees.

Businesses can buy, sell, market, and advertise on a computer.

E-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, have an extensive network of suppliers. Individuals and companies can source for and buy products online. Shopping has taken on a new meaning.


In this fast-paced world, being able to share information quickly makes a huge difference in how people communicate.Computers have removed distance as an obstacle. 

One can send digital documents to any part of the world in an instant when it used to take days or weeks. Business people can conduct meetings with global contacts without leaving the office. As such, businesses can save time and travel costs.

Artificial Intelligence

Computers have developed the capability to learn and even think! These devices can understand a human’s request and process the information accordingly. Examples of AIs that are commonly used are Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

Siri is a personal assistant that interacts with users and helps them with daily tasks. Users can ask Siri to get information about the weather, make calls, and send messages, to name a few.

Innovation has also put intelligent automobiles like Tesla on the road. Besides the car’s self-driving capability, it is learning and getting smarter as time goes by.

Remote Access

Another technological advancement that is changing lives is the ability to access and control devices remotely. Homeowners can check on their homes by controlling cameras installed in the house. 

Parents can watch their children at home while they are at work, in the same way. Individuals can control any device that connects to the internet from a distance. Lighting, alarm systems, and web cameras are a few of the apparatus we can set up for remote access.


Forget the long lines at the bank. Most banking activities can be done online. Bank customers can check their account balance, request checkbooks, and transfer money. They can also access financial information, such as foreign exchange rates and stock prices, without going to the bank.


Social networks such as Facebook, allow individuals from anywhere in the world to connect and interact. Special interest groups are a great place to share ideas, gain knowledge, and meet like minded people.


While the above list is not exhaustive, it does show how technology has advanced, and the considerable impact computers have on our lives. It remains to be seen what else the ingenious minds can create and what else will be available to us shortly.


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