How Can Businesses Recover After Pandemic Data Breaches?

The COVID-19 pandemic consisted of a whirlwind of events affecting many lives. Along with deteriorating health conditions and loss of social lives, it also significantly impacted businesses.

Cybercriminals used phishing, social engineering and other tools to ransom millions of dollars from businesses during the pandemic. Although the cost of a breach varies depending on the company and hacker success rate, a report revealed that 5 percent of successful attacks cost businesses $1 million or more. 

If your business was the target of a data breach, here are some ways you can bounce back and stay secure in the future.

Transition to Cloud Computing

When a company’s data is at high risk, clouding computing makes it simpler to store and access data. You can benefit from WatServ IT solutions due to the flexibility, data recovery, and high level of security they can offer. Migrating your company’s infrastructure to the cloud will enable you to save the cost and hassle of maintaining computing resources.

IT solution providers will also help your company streamline operations and reduce potential costs of data breaches since your data will be more secure. Working with an end-to-end service provider provides you with the option to take your organization entirely to the cloud or develop a hybrid system based on your comfort level. 

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Create a Contingency Plan

Despite all your efforts to stay safe, hackers can find loopholes to attack. During an unfortunate occurrence, your organization needs to have a backup plan to recover from that problem. Creating a contingency plan will allow you to return to your daily operations as quickly as possible if a data breach occurs.

Whether or not your businesses suffered from a security threat during the pandemic, having a plan for the future will reduce many costs and worries.

Provide Frequent Staff Training

Since security threats became more prevalent during the pandemic, hackers came up with new methods of criminal activity. Your employees might not be aware of the types of scams they could encounter. It is vital to do your research about potential threats and provide frequent staff training to enhance safety.

Without adequate training, staff members will not know how to identify, prevent, or handle security threats. Preparing your employees reduces your vulnerability and risk of becoming a target of a data breach.

Introduce Secure Collaboration Tools

Many businesses had to leave their offices and work from home due to the pandemic. During that time, all of the work shifted online and created space for hackers to access more data. Since companies have to exchange vital information online, using collaboration tools that aren’t secure can make the organization vulnerable to threats.

You can increase security, whether you work from home or in-office, by introducing secure collaboration tools. Leveraging technology will boost productivity and efficiency within your company while protecting it from outside threats.

Make Monitoring a Necessity

After you take different steps to improve security, continue to monitor any potential threats. When you’re always on the lookout, you are likely to be more prepared to tackle any issues that hackers throw at you.

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