How a Logo Redesign Can Change Your Business

A brand is nothing without a logo, and a company is nothing without a brand. We live in a world where companies need faces, in order for the public to trust them, to differentiate them from their competitors, and to better show their values and their identity.

If you own a business, you’ve surely already understood the power behind a logo. It can make or break a business, as it is the first impression a customer has of your brand. Imagine a street full of restaurants, all selling BBQ. Who do you think will get the better response (if we disregard mouth-to-mouth advertising and physical spaces)? It will be the one that has the most appealing logo and name combination.

Now, like everything in art, logo design, or as they say it in my home country Portugal, “criação de logos”, has been evolving and following new trends, every few years. That’s why not retouching or modernizing your logo now and then, can cost you the empire you once built. First, we’ll help you realize if your logo is already out of date.

When Does My Logo Need a Redesign?

Firstly, when it no more represents your brand. Similar to logos, brands tend to change their personality and identity over the years. Imagine you’ve made a great effort to go for a more clean and environment-friendly image – a black and white logo with hard cutting edges won’t pass that idea.

Secondly, the font! Maybe a couple of years ago crazy fonts were the way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, but nowadays? It’s a no-no! If your logo has lettering that is hard to read, or it takes the public more than a second to realize what’s written there, it’s time to change it to something easier on the eye.

Lastly, one of the biggest signs of an outdated logo is the difficulty for it to scale well. If your logo has a lot of details, small characters, or many colors, it won’t scale well – which is immensely important in a world where your logo needs to be everywhere – from a TV screen to a small pen.

How Can a Redesign Change Your Business

Now, you’re surely thinking – I’ve had my business for years now, and it is not a simple logo redesign that will change my company’s path, rather how I manage it. True, a logo redesign is a small part of a much bigger picture, but in a world where Image is king, you don’t want to be stuck in the last decade.

A fresh face can sometimes be what a brand needs to reinvent itself, not only in the eyes of the public but internally as well. We’ve heard about cases where a new logo has brought a different vibe to the company’s day-to-day, which impacted the way workers did their jobs and, consequently, the numbers the company was able to reach.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’ve read this far, 1) you’ve realized your logo is not modern, and 2) you understood the importance of a fresh redesign. That said, now you only need to trust the hands of professionals (please don’t take this job lightly and ask your cousin to do it only because he understands about “computers”), and create a new, fresh and modern logo for your company – seems easy enough, no?   


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