How a Company Can Show Appreciation to Long-Term Employees

The creation of the perfect team at a company will be a constant job as employee turnover leads to the need to hire new staff. Retaining star employees will take work as they likely will be prime candidates for other companies/recruiters to reach out to. A star employee is not going to go anywhere if they feel appreciated and truly embraces the culture of the company. Small businesses can be easily impacted by one or two employees so make sure to keep the staff’s morale as a focus. Below are a few tips to help your company show appreciation for long-term employees.

Gifts Every 5 or 10 Years

A gift like a nice set of cufflinks or other pieces of jewelry for big work anniversaries provides a luxury reminder that their work is appreciated. Finding an Atlanta or Raleigh custom jeweler can truly help create a piece your employee truly loves. There could be a person that talks constantly about college sports that would love a piece of college-themed jewelry to commemorate their years of work. Even a weekend at a local resort or spa for them and their significant other can help improve employee loyalty/show appreciation.

Permission to Work Remotely

Working remotely is a reality of life for many with the ability to do the same quality of work from home when compared to physically being in the office. Working remotely also allows an employee to move to an area that would have a lower cost of living. Remote workers flock to areas of the globe that offer a high quality of life at a fraction of the price that it would cost domestically. Remote work can be tracked easily in today’s world with project management systems and time tracking software.

Increased Paid Time Off

There are going to be those productive employees that over the course of time have done enough to eclipse multiple coworkers combined. Increasing the paid time off of these employees can help them truly rejuvenate and they might come back even more productive. An extra day or two might not seem like much but over the course of a few decades this can add up. Remote work as mentioned above can be used instead of other tactics as the employee might see this as the best perk possible.

Staff Appreciation Days Quarterly

A day where the staff can feel appreciated with free meals or even by bringing in a masseuse can work wonders. The staff can still be productive but the day should be about highlighting top performers. The company could even close a little early for a company-sponsored happy hour. Perks that can be expected on a regular basis help break up weeks that might be quite stressful. Plenty of employees will try to get ahead before these days while others can use them to catch up. People that work hard love being recognized and acknowledged of a quality job done.

Staff should know their hard work is noticed and appreciated in order to create a culture where an employee never wants to leave. A productive office can be happy and without any resentment towards management or the company in general. Employee feedback can be invaluable in what the company can do to make for happier employees.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.