Hostel Living Hacks To Make You More Comfortable

Settling down into a hostel and getting used to life in a different city can take some time. After all, you’ve entered a new world and you have a lot to familiarize yourself with. As you learn and grow and get used to life in one of the best hostels in OMR, you might find yourself missing home sometimes. After all, compared to the bedroom you grew up in, your hostel is going to be totally unfamiliar territory. So how do you take it from sparse to comfortable? And how can you decorate your space such that your hostel begins to feel like home? We’ve got some tips and tricks for you to try. Let’s take a look:

Wall art

Your room at home probably had plenty of wall art and decoration up that showed off your personality and interests. And there’s no reason that you can’t do the same with your hostel room. Put up posters of your favourite bands, hang a dreamcatcher, or buy some inexpensive contact paper to give your room a wall-paper effect. You could even purchase a wall decal with a design or quote that you really like to give your room its own unique spin. And of course, don’t forget to put up all of your favourite pictures so that everyone knows that it’s your room after all.

Add extra pillows

So what if the bed in your hostel room has to double up as a sofa and a study space. You can make it a whole lot more comfortable by adding in a bunch of extra cushions and pillows. They’ll be great for when you have friends over for a movie marathon and they’ll help you feel extra cosy and warm at night. And if you match the covers with the decor or colour scheme of your room, you’ll definitely be able to add to your aesthetic too. Go on, get some more pillows for your space.

Replicate the scent

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You know that quintessential smell of home? Why not try to recreate it in your hostel room. There are probably some easy ways for you to incorporate some of the scents you grew up with at home in your hostel room. Buy the same brand of incense sticks or air freshener that your parents use, or buy a scented candle which has a similar aroma. And if your hostel has a policy against lighting candles, you can even buy some essential oils that you can dot onto your pillow or around the room. 


Lighting can be a make or break factor, not just in your Instagram posts but also in your hostel room. And the number one way to make your room feel cosier and more comfortable is to improve the lighting. If the single tube light in your room feels too harsh, get some lamps that you can place around your room. Or use fairy lights to give your room a more ethereal touch at night. Make sure you’re also swapping the bulbs in your hostel room for brighter and more energy efficient LED ones. Your room will be much better lit and your eyes will definitely appreciate the difference it makes. 

Don’t forget the bathroom

The one thing that your hostel in Patel Nagar, Delhi can never live up to is your bathroom at home. That’s because at home you had a pattern and system in which you arranged your products. If you want to get comfortable in your new hostel quickly, try to replicate that pattern in the space that you have. You’ll have to make a few adjustments if you have a washroom that you share with roommates, but you can always invest in a shower caddy to help you get all your toiletries in one place.

With these simple and easy hostel living hacks, you’ll be able to make your space feel a lot like home. So, don’t worry about homesickness, try these tips out and see the difference that they make

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