Here’s How You Can Make a Business Out of Hip-Hop

Making money in the music industry is nothing compared to working in an office where you negotiate your salary and wait for a paycheck to come your way. In the trending areas, such as Hip Hop, your pay structure is dependent on percentages for one-off deals and freelance-style work. If you are looking to make some money from this crazy industry, this article is for you. 

Artist Management 

Do you love hip hop? Do you have the ability to manage an artist? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you can consider working as an artist manager. Managing an artist is the same as running a business. The only difference is that in this case, you are dealing with the artist. Therefore, you ought to have a clue about how the entertainment industry runs. 

Typically, managers are paid an agreed-upon percentage of the cash the artist earns. Hence, the more money your artist scoops, the higher the paycheck. On many occasions, the artist may even consider adding a salary as a way of retaining you. Starting your career as an artist manager can be challenging as most artists prefer working with an established manager. However, this doesn’t mean that you give up on the idea. You can start working with the upcoming artists before you graduate to the upper level. 

Fashion and Merchandising

The hip hop culture is often characterized by fashion. Talk of the skinny jeans portrayed by the modern generation to the baseball caps. This is a trend that is not likely to die anytime soon. Therefore, the best you can do is take advantage of fashion and start merchandising what the artist influence. Be it the T-shirts with photos of famous hip hop artists or designs won by a particular artist. You can make a business out of the idea. One thing to note is that hip hop artists have a massive influence, and hence the perfect targets to set the trend. 

Over the past few decades, hip hop artists used to rock bead necklaces and baggy clothing. Today, this style has been replaced by tight fittings and golden chains. The use of gold chains is often associated with class, an indication that a rapper has made it in the game. It’s a style that has been adopted by both artists and fans. It’s, therefore, a sector that you can take advantage of. Often, fashion gurus from argue that when it comes to dealing with gold jewelry and bling, you must consider quality. Today, there is plenty of jewelry associated with the hip hop culture that you can consider investing in for your business. The fantastic thing about a jewelry business is that you can sell your stuff to both the artists and hip hop fans

Music Promotion

With the many hip hop shows being organized now and then, who said that you couldn’t make any money out of the deal? Well, one of the best ways to make cash from the event is by working as a music promoter, specializing in events. You can fetch a good fortune on the ticket sales for the gigs you promote. Check out 9 ways you can promote your music as a beginner.

When it comes to music promotion and making money from ticket sales, there are two ways this can happen. On many occasions, you can agree to work on a ‘door split deals.’ In this kind arrangement, you take a certain percentage of the ticket collections from the show. This happens once you recoup your costs for promoting sales. The balance is then given to the artist. Apart from the split door deal, you can agree to pay the artist a fixed amount for the performance. With this kind of arrangement, all the money that is left after taking care of the costs is all yours. 

Start a Record Label

Hip hop is a new wave that is here to stay. Therefore, if you are looking to make some cash from the industry, you should consider starting a record label. Record labels make money by selling music. With determination and an understanding of how the hip hop industry operates, you are in a position to make money by selling enough records to cover your costs and make a profit at the same time. Starting a record label isn’t an easy task. Therefore, if you find it a challenge, you can consider starting at someone’s record label. In such kinds of arrangements, you will get a salary or hourly wage. As long as you have a role in the label, then the chances are that you can make a fortune from the arrangement.

Become a Hip Hop DJ

Do you have what it takes to be a DJ? If the answer is yes, then you must be missing a lot if you are yet to start performing on those hip hop gigs. Now and then, artists are looking for DJs to spin for them during concerts. Besides, radio and TV stations are always looking for DJs to host hip hop shows. Therefore, you can create a DJ brand and start working on those events or club events. The fantastic thing about DJ-ing is that you get the chance to work with various artists. This, therefore, means that you have more chances of scooping a better deal in the process. 

Joining the hip hop industry at this age and era can be a daunting experience. This is because the industry is always on the shift making it hard for those looking to make a business out of it to give up quickly. If you are out there wondering if there are any opportunities left for you to join, this article is meant for you. It explains the various ways you can fetch money from the industry. You can choose either of the remedies as long as it works your way. If possible, you can consider adopting all the ideas shared.

Cyndy Lane

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