Here Are A Few Quick Fixes For Writing Hindrances So You Can Actually Finish That Final Draft

What does it take to write a book? What challenges will you face in the process? If you’re half-way through your book, are these obstacles you’re facing normal? 

Writing a book can be a daunting task. Even with the innumerable hindrances in the way, writing can be a personally rewarding and fulfilling process. 

Fear not for these difficulties can be tackled with some effortless preparation. Here are a few obstacles that writers often cite as they finish their books: 


Every writer faces fear and self-doubt. This is a given. Irrespective of the level of experience you have when it comes to being an author, these feelings are bound to hit you out of nowhere. 

And, it’s perfectly normal to feel so as you’re writing. You may even feel worse about sharing your work for the first few times. 

Having a team is one way to ensure that you get to that finishing line. Most writers want to be left alone and isolated, thinking that they will be able to concentrate better once they’re all on their own. 

Having support, encouragement, and accountability is crucial to get you through the writing process. When you have the right people around you as a team, rooting for you, they will eliminate your negative thoughts and feelings and support you when you’re stuck. They’ll urge you to keep writing even when you feel like quitting. 

Get a team if you don’t have one already!

Not Finding the Time to Write

Writing and completing a book doesn’t happen in a single day! This requires the continuous dedication of time over several weeks and months. 

In the beginning, it may seem impossible to commit to such patterns owing to the multiple responsibilities that weigh on you. And the solution to this is to weave your writing habits into your busy schedule!

The truth is no one has the time required to commit to writing a book solely. But if your lifelong dream has been to be an author and to tell your story for the world to experience it, then writing should be a priority. 

Go through your schedule. Plan exactly when and where you’ll write. Set your timelines and stick to them no matter what. If you still find it hard to carve out time on certain days, do not fret! 

While you’re going about with your day, jot down notes and ideas that pop into your mind on your phone. This way, you know what you want to write next and save yourself some time when you get to your book next. 


The book in your imagination is exceptional. You can’t believe how great the idea is! 

And yet, words don’t come out the way you expected them to when you start writing. They are messy, unpolished, unappealing, and nowhere near to that vision you initially started with. It can be challenging to find the motivation to write when your work doesn’t look perfect so far.

Your goal to write the perfect book will not help you write anything at all. Perfectionism is deviously tempting, and it promises you that if you polish up and perfect each word as you type, you’ll finish off with a book that you can be proud of. But, the truth is, all drafts leading up to the final draft are imperfect, and that is precisely how it’s meant to be. 

Allow yourself to write poorly. Even when you feel like there is no hope for your book and that every word is a mess, allow yourself to keep writing! Always remember, if your drafts are flawed, you are doing it right. 

Self-Discipline is Missing

Deadlines are essential. However, deadlines are only effective when you make an effort to meet them. And while writing a book, it only gets harder as you go deeper. 

Experiencing setbacks while writing is a given. When it happens, ensure that you don’t use them as an excuse to give up on writing. 

Write your way back into it instead of waiting around for inspiration! Try changing up your routine, writing patterns, and processes. Try writing in different places and at different times. Revisit the crux of your story and reimagine your book all over again. 

Whatever you do, never rely on inspiration alone. Keep writing until you meet your deadline, no matter the cost!

Getting Distracted 

You’re in your favorite writing spot. You’ve prepared yourself for what you want to write, and you’ve put on some good music to get you going. 

PING! Your email buzzes and craves your attention!

While sitting at your laptop to write, you may find yourself checking emails, text notifications, or interesting YouTube videos, and before you know it, you have trailed off into the endless feed of your social media accounts. 

Or worse, you would have started by researching how to write an autobiography and left with more questions than answers!

You will have checked out links after links before realizing that the precious time you were barely able to carve out in a day to write has been squandered off. 

The solution is to get all your work done before you get to writing. Get rid of your phone and switch all your devices to silent until you finish writing. Maybe even reward yourself with some time to waste once you productively write for a particular amount of time. 

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a gloomy feeling that convinces you that you cannot come up with anything creative to progress your book. It is a feeling that most artists in every industry face too! 

To overcome writer’s block, you may need to find inspiration in an activity, something that can jolt your creativity. In the process, ease up on that self-criticism or self-doubt that’s stopping you from narrating your own story. 

Remember to be kind to yourself; you’re doing your best, and it’s completely normal to have a creative block. 


As an author, you may tend to overedit when you’re convinced that your work isn’t good enough. It can happen because you consider yourself not good enough. Overediting also occurs when you want every reader out there to love your book and make everyone love your words, story, and characters. 

Remember that you’re not the same person now compared to when you started writing. Consider your audience. Will they see the same things as you’ve seen for so long? No!

Your readers will finish reading your book in a matter of days or weeks. But, you’re looking at it from the perspective of being immersed in it for over months, even a year!

Therefore, it’s mostly a mind game. Just do your best work and send it out!  Don’t get caught up in mastering writing techniques and strategies. 

Finish that Draft! 

It’s a huge challenge to write a book. It’s a much bigger challenge to finish your final draft. Be it historical fiction or if you’re even wondering how to write a fantasy novel, writing a book requires immense dedication!

But keep reminding yourself that you have what it takes. Know that you are not alone and a billion other writers before you have faced the same issues. 

If they can finish their books, so can you! 

So, get started already!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.