Great Outing Ideas for Some Post-Lockdown Stress Relief

We in Australia have had our fair share of Covid-19 infections and for many, extended lockdowns have compounded the frustration that comes with staying at home for extended periods of time. The good news is that we seem to have flattened the curve and that would mean returning to normal in 2021, and with that in mind, here are a few great ideas for day outings to celebrate the end of the pandemic. For those of you who like to stay on top of your game, consider investing in some better quality equipment like better golf shafts and other elements.

  • Day on the Golf Course – Wherever you happen to live in Australia, you are never far from a world class golf course and lunch at one of the best restaurants in Sutherland Shire rounds off the perfect outing. Call up your golfing buddies and make it a foursome and there’s nothing like a round of golf to celebrate the end of the pandemic.
  • Hiking One of the Popular Trails – Why not make it a family outing? Pack a picnic hamper and when you find the ideal spot, you can relax and enjoy your packed food in a natural environment. If you’re not familiar with the trails in your area, the Internet will help you choose the perfect venue and after weeks of being at home, what better way to enjoy the great outdoors. Have you ever marvelled at the way technology has changed our lives?
  • ATV Riding – You are never far from an ATV adventure park in Australia and you can hire a machine and explore some of the marked trails. Search online to find a nearby ATV park and make your booking early, as this will be a favoured way to spend the day. If you have yet to ride a quad, they have basic lessons that teach you how to control the machine, but if you ride a bike, then you can ride an ATV.
  • Fishing with Friends – If you are one of a group of eager fishermen who like to drink cold beers while fishing for bass, get the guys together and plan a weekend trip. Book the boat and get ready for a great weekend fishing for monsters and even if you don’t catch, you’ll have spent time with good friends.
  • Beach Party – Is there a better place for a party? We don’t think so and with no more restrictions or masks, you can have a game of footie and prepare that all night BBQ at your favourite spot. Call everyone, or better still, post on Facebook and see how many friends are up for a day at the beach.
  • Paintball Combat – You might be good at Call of Duty, but how about in a real-life environment? Team up with some friends, split into 2 teams and take on the premier paintball arena and try to take their flag. If you have never played paintball, it is the ultimate first-person shooter game that pits you against others and yes, it does hurt a little when you get hit! Of course, you should check the Covid updates before planning such a trip.

The great thing about being deprived of your liberty is when things go back to normal and you can enjoy all those things that you took for granted.