Four Tech Tools to Help Real Estate Agents Sell Better This Year

Technology is now an integral part of essentially every profession, and real estate agents are no exception. Moreover, as the housing market continues to expand, so do the options available for real estate agents looking to sell homes. While traditional selling websites like HeyOffer which buys houses fast in PA, exist, the emergence of selling apps has revolutionized the industry. There are dozens of apps that can simplify the process of selling or buying a home for both you and your clients. Combined with traditional tools such as print materials, open houses, driving tours, and lunch and learns, these apps can streamline your work and help you be more efficient.

The following is a list of five technology tools – from a real estate CRM to email marketing platforms – that will help both you and your clients sell better this year.

1. Social Media Scheduling Tool

If you’re working on selling a home in 2021, it’s likely that social media will play some role in that process. Whether it’s a new listing going up on company social media accounts, pictures of the interior and exterior of a home being shared on Instagram, or beautiful drone footage of the surrounding area going on Facebook, some sort of social media presence will likely be part of your sales efforts.

2. CRM

A CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a database for contacts.

While you might think that the majority of your work will be done face-to-face while you’re touring homes with clients, that’s not always the case. You might find yourself meeting prospective buyers or sellers at their homes for lunch or having conversations on the phone about purchasing options without ever actually visiting a property.

A real estate CRM is useful in these situations because it ensures that eNote related documents are saved in one place, as well as the contact information for the person(s) you’ve been speaking with. This can be especially useful if a sale is complicated, and you have multiple people to work with throughout the process.

3. Virtual Reality

In addition to showing homes in person, you could consider showing them virtually.

Virtual reality tours allow buyers to look around a property using their phone or a headset and explore the house from top-to-bottom without stepping foot inside. This is especially useful for people who are coming from out-of-town or are unable to make it to an open house.

4. Email Tracking Software

Email tracking software is beneficial for real estate agents who work on commission.

If you’re selling a home and the buyers are taking their time to respond to your emails, it can be incredibly frustrating. With email tracking software, you’ll know exactly when they opened the email and what they did with it – clicked on it or ignored it.

This allows you to prioritize responses in real-time. Never again will you have to chase a lead – you can keep an eye on it from your phone and know exactly what’s happening with the prospect as soon as they do. This can help you focus on other prospects while keeping track of the ones that matter, ensuring you don’t miss out on a sale because of a delay in communication.

Use these tools to supercharge your work in 2021 and beyond!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.