Find Opportunity in Forex, a Complete Guide

In Forex, timing is a key to success because the price dynamics is marked with constant ups and downs. A trader wants to be sure in the spot of buying or selling operations. This is also the case when the type trend environment (trend, reversal, or range) has been established. Forex is there to offer a trend environment like that.

For example, a “with the trend” trader tends to ignore a purchase at the place with a highly probable correction. A “reversal trader” does not proceed with trades in an uptrend, very close to a key support level.

Types of Forex Opportunities

There are different types of opportunities in the Forex market. It will be the choice of each Forex trader. Here are some of the possible examples.

  • Divergence for reversal traders: Multiple divergences on multiple time frames are the desired condition for a reversal trader.
  • Chart approach for all traders: A chart-based approach can be an excellent opportunity for all types of traders (range, reversal, or trend) as it contains decent statistical probabilities along with exact levels.
  • Support and resistance (S&R) for all traders: The levels are static (unchangeable), which makes their interpretation simple. A reversal trader can use these levels to boost their odds of anticipating a reversal place. A range trader can use the levels to estimate the range continuation. A trend trader applies the S&R to estimate the trend continuation.

Of course, the list can be extended as there are many more opportunities. But the above-mentioned options are probably the most efficient ones.

Strategic Opportunities in the Forex Market

Apart from the type of Forex opportunity, it is necessary to understand the actual number of opportunities. According to the reversal trade setup, divergence on the monthly chart is a rare opportunity. If a Forex trader expects the setup to occur every week, then there is a mismatch between the desired and actual number of opportunities from this specific opportunity. With realistic expectations about the number of opportunities, a mismatch will cause negative trading psychology. For instance, this can be growing impatience with the subsequent issues.

Occurrence of Different Opportunities

When a Forex trader or investor is trying to find an appropriate type of opportunity, he/she should keep in mind the frequency of opportunities’ occurrences. Thus, it can be an excellent opportunity to trade engulfing twins on a monthly basis. How often does it occur? To gain a better understanding of the market behaviors, you should learn the set of rules that can be used for you: the Pareto principle. What is it? And why can it be of any value?

The Pareto principle has different names, including “the 80-20 rule” and the law of the significant few. Generally, the idea was introduced by Pareto while he was observing his garden: 20% of the pea pods in his garden involved 80% of the peas.

This rule works perfectly for different aspects of the trading sector, such as a trading performance and individual performance. In the majority of cases, 20% of the trades produce 80% of the profit and 20% of their actions result in 80% of the positive outcomes.

The 80-20 Rule

In the Forex market, this rule can be perfectly applied: 80% of the time frames the market remains in the middle of an action, while 20% of the time the market is creating a top or bottom. Many traders and investors who try to trade reversals choose the “hard way” in terms of playing out a potential reversal.

Thus, there is an opportunity to add one more level of the 80-20 rule. The Forex-like markets tend to create plenty of sideways activities. Other options that are often applied to cover these areas involve ranges, chop, choppy regions, areas, price spectrums, supply and demand, corrections, or corrective methods. These things tend to occur 80% of the time, while trending activities occur only 20% of the time.

At the same time, the price rate is often (80%) moving sideways and causing necessary corrections. If price dynamics does make some actions, then it is not intended for the long-term use (20%). The Pareto principle can allow traders to understand its natural rhythm. By understanding the frequency of a specified opportunity, the secrets of the moving average can be covered.

With this Forex approach, you can build an efficient Forex trading document? Can it enable a better Forex method for your trading strategy? Or are you satisfied with your current strategy? These are the questions to be answered throughout your Forex adventure!


As you can see, there are more than enough opportunities for achieving success in the Forex market. The main point is to find the right approach to trading! If you do so, you will definitely hit the “jackpot.”

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