Familiarize Yourself with PPI Lawsuit Claim before Filing a Case in California

A Proton-pump Inhibitor or PPI is a kind of medicine that reduces acidic levels in the lining of the stomach. They are most commonly used for treating certain gastrointestinal problems like GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease, stomach ulcers, and conditions that are caused due to excessive stomach acid. These are over-the-counter medicines and come in the form of tablets and capsules. 

Unfortunately, over the years severe and fatal diseases have become apparent due to PPIs. Gastric cancer is the most common disease due to PPI. If you have been diagnosed with the same then contact a PPI gastric cancer lawyer from TorHoerman Law firm immediately to claim your compensation. Their personal injury lawyer will fight the legal battle against PPI manufacturers for you. 

Are you eligible for a PPI lawsuit?

People rely on PPIs for treating their acid reflux and heartburn problems but the risk of cancer and kidney disease also appears to increase with higher doses. If you or your near ones have been injured due to PPIs in California, you could be eligible for a financial claim to cover the losses that you had to bear due to the injuries. 

Other diseases like kidney diseases, gastric cancer, heart disease, pancreatitis, colon infection, weak bones, dementia are some that have been caused due to the intake of PPIs. 

To determine if you are eligible to file a PPI lawsuit, get in touch with TorHoerman Law firm in California and get an instant evaluation of your case at no cost. They serve in cities like Chicago, St. Louis and Edwardsville. They have a complete team of dedicated lawyers who take care of PPI lawsuits and help their clients in getting due compensation.

How to file a PPI Lawsuit?

  • Make yourself familiar with the lawsuit process 
  • Your PPI lawyer will gather evidence related to your case which would support your compensation 
  • The lawyer will calculate the damages that you had to bear due to the injuries, including both compensatory and punitive damages
  • After understanding the liability, you can then make a demand for your claim to cover your damages. 

The PPI lawsuit will require a highly-qualified personal injury lawyer or a PPI lawyer who can gather evidence, assess the damage properly, and fight for the victims in court. TorHoerman Law firm in California has the only team of experienced PPI attorneys who can fight the case for you and get you proper compensation.

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