Electricians are Currently One of The Highest-paid Trades in the UK

After life in lockdown, many of us were confined to the comfort of our homes and left making endless lists of the home improvements we wanted to spruce up. From repainting walls to retiling bathrooms or carrying out whole renovation projects.

According to the Houzz 2021 home renovation trends study, over 60% of UK homeowners made major adjustments to their kitchens, such as changing the layout of the room. Alongside this, the majority chose to update their electrical, plumbing or heating systems.

Of course, to do all of this we rely on the handy work of talented tradespeople to help us – so it’s no surprise as to why business has been booming in the trade sector.

In this article, we explore why electricians are currently one of the highest-paid trades in the UK.

Trades’ top earners

In the UK alone, electricians are the top earners across trade industries. With the influx of home renovation projects, the need for electricians has sky-rocketed – and as with any in-demand role, salaries begin to rise. 

According to Office for National Statistics data, electricians’ average yearly income comes in at £32,540. 

Of course, if you are setting up your own business in the industry you will have many costs to consider. Overheads such as tools, vehicles and components will take up a lot of this. But you must also remember to take out electricians insurance to cover you in the event of something going wrong.

Which trades have the most shortages?

Almost all areas of the trade industry are struggling with shortages right now, due to not being able to meet the huge increase in jobs that need completing.

These include:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Mechanics 
  • Construction workers

What are the benefits of working as an electrician?

There are countless benefits of doing skilled work, particularly that which is carried out by an electrician. Not only is it valuable knowledge to have when improving your family home, but it’s also considered to be one of the most lucrative sectors in the trade industry.

Here are a few other benefits of becoming an electrician:

  • You’re not restricted to working in an office 
  • It’s a hands-on challenging role
  • Enjoyable working environment
  • You get to meet new people on every job you’re assigned 
  • No two days are ever the same
  • It’s well-paid
  • You can often pick and choose jobs which are in local areas to you and easy to get to
Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.