Do You Need Planning Permission to Extend Kitchen?

People often think that it is quite a difficult and tedious task to get planning permission. Before we even go into the necessary details, we want to tell you that it is not such a difficult task at all. But when you have the appropriate permissions and development rights, you can do a lot of development works in your home without even needing any approval from the planning office.

This article intends to clear your doubts about whether you need planning permission to extend your kitchen or not in particular. Apart from that, this article will make you familiar with fundamentals if you are searching for builder Leicester. But we are going to talk a lot about permissions and developments in your home. So, let us get started without further delay. 

When do you need planning permission for an extension?

There are certain development rights that every citizen of a country has. These rights may vary in different countries. So, if your idea of extension falls under the rights granted by the government, there is no need for planning permission. In the majority of cases, only those people need planning permission who need work for the front of their houses and their house is situated next to the roads or near certain boundaries. But we will talk about these things in quite a bit of detail in the later sections of this article. Let us have a look at some of the common situations when you need planning permission. 

In case the development you are planning is going to cover more than half of the land surrounding your original house, you need planning permission. 

Suppose the extension you are planning is in the front part of your home or on any side that faces the highway, you can’t do it without planning permission. All those extensions that are going to make your house higher than its earlier versions will require you to have planning permission before the work begins. 

The house owner will need permission even in the cases when the ridge height or eaves height is going to be higher than the original height. 

In case you are planning to add a balcony/balconies, veranda, or any elevated platforms, the need for planning permission is a must. 

There is a need for permission even when you are using materials in the extension that are different from the previously used materials in your home.

Talking of the side extensions, you can’t proceed without permission in some cases as well. 

No matter what you are planning to build as a side extension of your home, if the height of this extension is more than 4 meters or one story, you have to obtain permission. There are some limitations on the width of the extension as well when it comes to doing things without needing permission. If your proposed extension is wider than half of the width of your original home, you can’t proceed without permission. 

Several regulations are there even when you have to extend the rear portion of your home as well. But the rules are different for single-story and double-story houses. Let us talk about the single-story houses first. 

In the case of single-story houses, the requirement for permission is essential when the extension behind your house is more than 6 meters and more than 8 meters in a detached house. The same condition is true for extensions that are more than 4 meters high. 

There are several other cases when you need permission but we can’t discuss all those conditions in this tiny article. Referring to any website or source that provides enough legal information about these things will serve your purpose. 

Importance of permission in these cases

Permissions that we are talking about here are very important before the work starts. The rules governing these permissions have been devised in order to ensure the safety and protection of people in a country on a large scale. Getting started with these development works would get you in trouble if you don’t have the permission. 

Do you need planning permission to extend the kitchen?

Coming to the most important part of this article i.e. the need for planning permission in case of the kitchen extension. It is quite difficult to answer this question in one word. This is mainly because the answer depends on the nature and extent of the extension you want inside the kitchen. As you already know that there are several regulations that you must adhere to in the case of the interior and exterior design of your homes. If the extension is under the limits that your government grants you to do without permission, then you can do that easily otherwise you need permission for every bit of extension works in your home. 

Final word

Considering all these factors right at the beginning of the work is quite a complicated task especially if you are not aware of the fundamentals. But when you reach the right builder, they will help you through this process. If you are looking for a builder Leicester, we hope this article helped you gain familiarity up to some extent. 

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